Life before Rystad Energy

I have a B.S.c. in Petroleum- and Process Technology from the University of Bergen, including an exchange to the University of Minnesota, and a M.S.c. in Geoscience from the University of Oslo, with specialization in reservoir characterization and CCS. During my master thesis I wrote about a collapsed sandstone reservoir and its impact on reservoir quality for carbon storage. In my previous job as a teacher through the Teach First program, I was fortunate to gain valuable perspective on teaching and communication with a formal teaching degree (PPU) and leadership training with Equinor.

Why did you choose Rystad Energy?

As a graduate geoscientist, I was seeking alternative venues to further strengthen my insights and understanding of the whole global energy space. By working as an analyst in Rystad Energy’s Gas Market team providing data and analyses on global natural gas markets and fundamentals, I am also getting the opportunity to collaborate with other teams internally to develop the best energy fundamentals.


What makes Rystad Energy stand out for you as an employer?

Firstly, the people working here. I have the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable, positive, and pragmatic colleagues! Secondly, the diverse range of work-related tasks and energy-related projects, every day is different and my opinion matters.


What are your passions outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy running, hiking, and skiing (both cross-country and downhill). I also enjoy life, dinners (and dancing) with my friends and family.