Renee Mari Salamonsen

Lead Manager

Life before Rystad

I studied International Business with a major in leadership in London and San Francisco. These years I learnt, in addition to my coursework, about how I enjoy international experiences. Upon graduation I got the opportunity to join a Tier 1 Investment Bank in city of London and spent my next years working in the financial industry. I moved to Milan due to Brexit prior my return to Oslo where I worked in Asset Management.

Why did you choose Rystad Energy?

I chose Rystad Energy to pursue a commercial role in the energy industry, because it is globally relevant across sectors, and I have always been interested in the energy topics. Rystad’s proven track record of a fine-tuned balance between innovation and structure further ensured me that it was the right place for me.

What makes Rystad Energy stand out for you as an employer?

How Rystad Energy stands out from the inside is by the level of knowledge, expertise, and drive throughout the organization. While being surrounded by high-performing individuals, the culture is inclusive and supporting. There is no need to look far for a helping hand.

Rystad can take you anywhere or you can go anywhere with Rystad.

What has your career journey at Rystad looked like?

I have many good examples of experiences where leaders or peers have encouraged initiatives and sponsored me in making my ideas come alive. The flat organizational structure, combined with the highly dynamic work environment gives plenty of opportunity to grow professionally and personally at Rystad Energy.

What are your passions outside of work?

I am a passionate foodie, a cultural explorer and my horse usually takes up much of my time outside work.