Tyler Stewart

Senior Client Analyst

Life before Rystad Energy

I grew up in Australia, but my studies took me to the remote Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, where I studied geology. I fell in love with Norway during my time there, so I decided to complete my master's in geophysics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). After I graduated, I moved to Oslo to begin working with Rystad Energy.

Why did you choose Rystad Energy?

For me, energy is a development issue. Social and economic development are inextricably linked to energy: to lift people out of poverty and increase the standard of living, energy demand will have to increase. How do we meet this demand? What technologies will take us there? And how much capital is required? We need a new energy roadmap and Rystad Energy is helping to create it.

What makes Rystad Energy stand out for you as an employer?

For me, Rystad Energy is an opportunity to be a part of building something. It’s a young company relative to the incumbents and this allows us to remain agile, which is exactly what you need in an industry that’s undergoing such a rapid transition. The turnaround time on projects is fast-paced and you’re exposed to a dizzying array of markets and technologies: that’s what gets me excited.

What are your passions outside of work?

Based out of our headquarters in Norway, nature is a big part of my day. You’ll probably find me cross-country skiing in the winter, or cycling and BBQing in the summer.