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Cube Browser

Cube Browser is used to set up and send queries to the relevant cube and to analyze the data returned. Cube Browser communicates with cubes on Rystad Energy's servers via the Internet using proprietary encryption. Data is not stored on the user’s computer unless the user exports tables, charts or maps to other documents. Set-up files and data structure files are stored on the user's PC in a folder not requiring administrator rights. The users download and install a client/front-end software, Cube Browser, on their PC.

The program installs in the program files-folder like any other Windows program. You need ad-ministrator rights on your PC to install the program.

When you start Cube Browser and are able to write into the log-in fields the program is ready to use. If this is not the case please read our Technical Information.

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Display settings

For some users with Windows 10 Cube Browser 2.0 does not display correctly.

To fix this:

1) Open Cube Browser file location (usually C:\Program Files\Rystad Energy\Cube Browser), 2) right-click on CubeBrowser.exe, 3) select Properties, 4) select Compatibility, 5) select Change high DPI settings, 6) check Override high DPI.., 7) select Application from the dropdown, 8) Apply or OK, 9) Sign out of Windows and in again (or restart PC).

Cache files

The very first time you use a new cube it downloads all data structure and stores it on your disc for faster start-up. The download should take less than two minutes. Data structure files usually need to be refreshed when a cube is updated.

We have seen cases where strict writing rights or local (PC) firewalls have seriously slowed down or stopped the download. If this is the case you may download the data structure files here:


UCube cache files (current version is 2017-06-06)

DCube cache files (current version is 2017-07-10)


Extract files to folder: 

  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USERNAME_HERE\Local Settings\ApplicationData\Rystad Energy\CubeBrowser\SystemFiles\Cache
  • Windows 7: C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME_HERE\AppData\Local\Rystad Energy\CubeBrowser\SystemFiles\Cache

(All folders may not be visible. Click your way and add missing folders to the path. Then insert your domain username.)

You must then restart Cube Browser.

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