Rystad Energy Week Global Closing - September 22

During the Global Closing of our Rystad Energy Week 2022, we cover the highlights on hotly debated topics related to climate, market dynamics and the energy crisis. Rystad Energy CEO, Jarand Rystad and Head of Analyses, Per Magnus Nysveen share insightful perspectives on navigating the energy crisis and market updates across the energy value chain.  

We are honored to have Wil VanLoh, CEO & Founder of Quantum Energy, engaging in conversation with Jarand Rystad discussing global trends in energy. The event ends with a review of the summits' highlights by our Regional Heads. 




Updates across the energy value chain

Per Magnus Nysveen, Head of Analysis, Rystad Energy
Anne Ekern, Head of Marketing and Communications, Rystad Energy

Pick, Turning Point and Convergence - Key observations from the Rystad Energy Week 2022

Jarand Rystad, CEO, Rystad Energy 

The global energy trends - Conversation with Wil VanLoh

Wil VanLoh, CEO, Quantum Energy
Jarand Rystad, CEO, Rystad Energy

Highlights of the Annual Summits in Singapore, Houston and London

Vijay Krishnan, Head of APAC, Rystad Energy
Nick Livingstone, Head of Americas, Rystad Energy
Matthew Watson, Global Commercial Director, Rystad Energy