Rystad Energy Week Global Opening

The energy sector is now facing critical challenges of maintaining energy security while also accelerating the shift to new energy sources. We bring together industry leaders and our Rystad Energy experts, to share actionable advice across the whole energy spectrum, from oil & gas to emerging new energies, including a deep-dive into inflation and the consequences for energy markets.

Session 1: Global Energy Scenarios and Climate Change

- Jarand Rystad, CEO, Rystad Energy
- Scott Sheffield, CEO, Pioneer Natural Resources Company
- Anne Ekern, Head of Marketing & Communications, Rystad Energy (M)

Session 2: Energy Markets - update

- Bjørnar Tonhaugen, Head of Oil Market Research, Rystad Energy
- Emily McClain, Vice President, Gas Market, Rystad Energy
- Leslie Wei, Upstream Research, Rystad Energy
- Carlos ​Torres Diaz, Senior Vice President, Gas and Power Markets Research, Rystad Energy
- Gero Farruggio, Head of Australia & Global Renewables, Rystad Energy
- Artem Abramov, Head of Global Energy Systems, Rystad Energy

- Anne Ekern, Head of Marketing & Communications, Rystad Energy (M)

Session 3: Inflation – How it impacts the energy crisis

- Lars Eirik Nikolaisen, Deputy CEO, Rystad Energy
- László Varró, Vice President, Global Business Environment, Shell International
- Audun Martinsen, Head of Energy Service Research, Rystad Energy

Regional Greetings:
- Vijay Krishnan, Head of APAC, Rystad Energy
- Nick ​Livingstone, Head of Americas, Rystad Energy
- Matthew Watson, Head of EMEA, Rystad Energy