Rystad Talks Industry Decarbonizing Hard to abate industries-November 2022

As we see the energy transition moving fast forward, attention is increasingly turning to the challenge of decarbonizing the industry sector. Currently, the industry sectors accounts for as much as one-fourth of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Is it possible to decarbonize the industry?

The heterogenous nature of industrial processes and the use of fossil fuels – both as a feedstock and to power high-temperature furnaces – make emissions from industry particularly hard to abate. Yet, new electrification processes are emerging that offer decarbonized alternatives for producing such as iron and steel, the largest emissions contributors in the industry sector. If the path ahead leads to a zero emissions future, then the business case for low-carbon steel must be clearly and quickly established.

We hosted Francesco Memoli,  CEO of Tenova, a US company that works to achieve greener solutions for the metals industry. Francesco Memoli engaged in a conversation with Deputy CEO Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, host for our monthly Webinar. He was also joined by our own Rystad Energy Senior Analyst Fabian Rønningen.