Rystad Talks Industry - Is the rig industry at a crossroads? October 2022

Welcome to the October edition of "Rystad Talks Industry". In this session, we focused on the Rig industry, which is known to be cyclical. What makes an offshore rig project cost-efficient, and what are the most significant opportunities and challenges?

We engaged in conversations with two key industry players, Robert Eifler, President & CEO of Noble Drilling, and David Mullen, CEO of Shelf Drilling, who discussed the state of the global offshore rig industry.

Topics addressed:

  • Is there any big difference in opportunities, challenges, and profitability between different regional markets?
  • What creates a competitive advantage in this market?
  • How should the offshore drilling sector evolve?

The session also included a presentation by our Rystad Energy expert Jo Friedmann, Vice President – Energy Service Research, Rigs and Vessels, who shared the latest market insights.