Rystad Talks Industry: The growth of Hydrogeneration

Watch Rystad Talks Industry  | The growth of Hydrogeneration

As we kick off 2024, Rystad Energy will continue to focus on how industry segments are adopting new, smarter and lower-emission solutions in their decarbonization efforts, all contributing to a net-zero future. The first Rystad Talks Industry of the year is "The Growth of Hydrogeneration."

The potential for hydrogen to help decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors like steel and cement is significant, along with its use in maritime, road transportation and aviation. Alongside updates from our Rystad Energy specialists, we were honored to be joined by Diederick Luijten, Vice President of Hydrogen Energy for North-West Europe & CIS at Air Liquide, one of the largest hydrogen producers globally. Diederick Luijten joined Rystad Talks Industry host and Deputy CEO Lars Eirik Nicolaisen in a conversation about the future of the industry.