Oil Trading Analysis Solution

Integrated oil fundamentals analysis for profitable trading signals


A new tailored offering delivering high frequency short-term data coverage of the market by integrating the oil supply, oil demand, real-time oil demand with downstream and refining analysis in one consistent solution.

Our unique Signals & Signposts approach goes beyond forecasting to provide actionable insights for your trading strategies. With our Signals you understand imbalances in the supply and demand components, early indicators of how the market will resolve these imbalances with a clear correlation to price movements and price discovery. With our Signposts you unlock the key factors to watch as risks to our signals, with upsides and downsides on supply and demand fundamentals.

We deliver one consistent and complete solution designed specifically for the needs of oil trading analysts and oil traders, enabling you to perform your own analysis with ease and speed.

How can this help you


Perform your own analysis with ease and speed and gain profitable trading signals:

  • Build both opposing and supporting views for your trading teams with scenarios and probabilistic approach

  • Deduct clear signals & signposts on the global refinery market, based on unsolved imbalances and bring the ‘so what’ needed to your trading team

  • Understand the changing dynamics in oil supply & demand, refining and marketing value chain around the world

How we deliver value

Access easy to manipulate and high frequency short-term data coverage of the market in one data solution. Our Oil Trading Analysis solution integrated oil supply, oil demand, real-time oil demand with downstream and refining analysis:

  • Oil supply: crudes, condensates, NGLs, and other liquids global production data with projections to 2025. Multiple scenarios driven by prices, extensive data splits in term of production type, quality, grade, geography, life cycle, economics, supply outage tracking
  • Oil demand analysis: real-time demand data year to date along with underlying mobility indexes. Sector and product grade wise demand projections to 2025. Demand models for vehicles, trucks, aviation, maritime, power, agriculture, non-energy use, energy own use, petrochemical, buildings
  • Refinery capacities and outages: refinery capacity profiles, monthly to 2025 with data on new additions, closure, changes. Refinery outage profiles based on outages tracking, outage projections at country level for one year rolling. Analysis of capacity and outage changes vs satellite monitoring, other S&D data
  • Refinery runs: refinery runs historical and projections for 1 year rolling basis for all countries, capacity driven and demand driven scenarios along with base case outlook, sub country splits, analysis of runs vs other S&D data to derive signals & signposts
  • Refinery margins for Asian configurations: spot and forward for 60-120 crude grades. Crude product worth analysis for price evaluation, Saudi OSP projections, country deep dives, US and EU margins
  • Crude yields, qualities, trade flows: crude yields and properties data for all production grades generated on a consistent basis. Trade flows based on vessel tracking and projections of exports/imports based on production-runs data, grade wise
  • Product yields: qualities, trade flows for major configurations, product specifications and trade flows, analysis of product optimization changes in refineries
  • Balances: global liquids and crude balances, country level crude balances and product balances (emerging research)

    In-depth analysis on ‘so what’ for markets provided through Trading Alerts, Commentaries and Reports:

    • Real-time Demand Signals Weekly 
    • Oil Demand Signals Monthly 
    • Oil Market Balances Monthly 
    • Weather Impact Signals Weekly 
    • Global Refinery Runs Signals Monthly 
    • Refinery Capacities and Outages Signals Monthly 
    • Refinery Margins Signals Weekly 
    • Crude Trading Signals Bi-Weekly 
    • Crude OSP Signals Monthly

      Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists on:

      •  Refinery Margin modeling using LP modeling technology from AspenTech

      •  Refining conversion capacity and configurations analysis

      •  short-term or medium-term market risk analysis and strategy

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        Our approach

        We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.