Oil Macro Solution

A bottom-up oil fundamentals data and analytics solution to manage short-term oil price exposure and navigate the long-term transition and scenarios


Understanding the complexities of the global oil market is crucial for businesses involved in production, refining and transportation, as well as investors, financial intermediaries and firms with oil products in their operations. The landscape is dynamic and constantly evolving, influenced by almost limitless factors, which makes a comprehensive view of the market essential to accurately assess implications, map future scenarios, build strategic views and plan responses and strategies.

Our Oil Macro Solution is a reliable, easy-to-use resource for understanding and navigating the intricacies of the oil market. This solution provides users with real-time detailed analysis and insights of the global oil market from a macro perspective. Whether you're diving into supply and demand dynamics, making informed hedging decisions or interested in oil price projections for the next few weeks or next few years, our Oil Macro Solution is the key to unlocking better decision-making.

The Oil Macro Solution also offers a full bottom-up scenario analysis of the long-term oil markets, covering global oil demand in all its 13 sectors for all countries and all energy carriers – including all oil products -, oil supply for all segments and for all liquid hydrocarbons down to operator level, and the refining sector, up until 2050. This approach offers the user a deep level of data granularity, the ability to compare different scenarios both from the assumptions and the outcome perspective, and the ability to understand how the energy transition may unfold over the next three decades.

Oil Macro Modeling offers the ability to generate new scenarios based on the client's own assumptions and check the results instantaneously. For instance, you may change GDP and population growth by country and by year, efficiency growth parameters,  energy carrier substitution parameters, and many others. Therefore, creating bespoke scenarios is no longer the work of an army of consultants working over weeks at a time, but becomes a desktop exercise you carry out within minutes. The transparency you gain from these models also generates insight on the true levers of the energy transition. 

How can this help you

Energy Companies

Anticipate short-term oil market exposure and build profitable long-term strategies with our service designed for market analysts, planners, strategists and budgeters. With the Oil Macro Solution you can analyze oil markets to generate supply & demand fundamental signals​ and advise on short-term commodity trends.

​Our coverage spans across:

  • Short-term supply & demand balances and prices (both crude and products)

  • Long-term oil demand scenarios and key assumptions and drivers

  • Long-term supply scenarios, sources, key assumptions and sensitivities to price

Financial intermediaries

Advise your own clients on oil markets trends and energy transition scenarios. The Oil Macro Solution enables you to generate investment ideas in oil as an asset class. Produce insightful analysis in support of hedging strategies by receiving:

  • Short, medium, and long-term oil price forecasts

  • Short-term breakdown of fundamental and non-fundamental drivers of the oil prices


Identify and value investment and divestment opportunities by having access to:

  • Short, medium, and long-term oil price projections

  • Assessment of breaking macro news and market-moving events

  • Analysis of opportunities, challenges and risks associated to the energy transition

Companies that use oil to carry out their businesses

Understand and anticipate key oil macro trends and plan accordingly by having access to:

  • Latest short-term oil price projections and analysis

  • Quarterly long-term scenarios for supply, demand and prices

How we deliver value
  • Macro Balances Dashboard with monthly data
  • Oil Macro Cube with demand & supply scenarios with quarterly data
  • Petrochemical Dynamix
  • Vehicle Dynamix
  • Truck Dynamix
  • Aviation Dynamix
  • Maritime Dynamix
  • Weekly macro notes
  • Macro commentaries
  • Oil Macro Monthly Report
  • Quarterly Long-term Oil Scenarios Report
  • Refining Trends Report

We support clients in understanding the longer-term demand picture for oil and products and the implications for their business to create bespoke solutions by looking at:

  • Short-term or medium-term market risk
  • Dynamically modelled oil prices
  • Scenario-based approach

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