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The impact of the energy transition on the steel industry is gaining importance and changing the ways steel and steel products are bought and sold. From a shift to cleaner, greener steel manufacturing to structural changes in product demand, our Steel Solution enables detailed monitoring of how the industry is responding to these changes.

As procurement within the energy sector becomes increasingly sophisticated, the importance of understanding the dynamics within the steel industry has grown in recent years. The impact of unique market characteristics on prices and delivery times is expected to increase as supply chains evolve. 

Our solution combines project-by-project monitoring with a strong focus on proprietary pricing, supply and demand metrics as the energy transition progresses. 

How can this help you

Energy Companies

Understand the dynamics of the steel market with our detailed insights on:

  • Pricing movements and cost benchmarking with the wider industry

  • Suppliers and the broader supply chain

  • Latest initiatives and developments relating to green steel


Track price movements and supply chain trends in the energy steel industry with our granular analysis of:

  • Pricing movements for key products of interest

  • Supply chain bottlenecks

  • Latest trends relating to green steel

Make better decisions with Steel Solution across multiple energy types. Learn how below:

Relevant across energy types

A detailed understanding of steel requirements across oil and gas applications, from downhole tools to offshore platforms and chemical facilities. Rystad Energy combines project-by-project details with valuable insights into price movements relevant to steel products required in oil and gas, from alloy bars to heavy plates and more.
A detailed assessment of suppliers of steel products to the wind industry, with a strong focus on plate manufacturing, in addition to alloy bars, tube and pipe, and others. Rystad's solution monitors detailed pricing and project-by-project demand for all relevant steel products that will facilitate this fast-growing industry.
Complimenting Rystad's Hydrogen solution, the Steel solution provides a detailed review of all steelmaking and steel product making facilities, including analysis of emissions, mill production levels and anticipated new electric arc furnace and direct reduced iron installations. Steel Analytics provides regular updates on the latest green steel initiatives with hydrogen a critical technology driver.
How we deliver value

Make informed decisions by having access to our comprehensive database where you can: 

  • Access detailed, proprietary tracking and forecasting of pricing levels for a range of steel products 
  • Analyze product demand dynamics in the energy sector and long-term changes relating to the energy transition and market direction  
  • Access a detailed view of the steelmaking supply chain, from crude steel producers to finished product suppliers 

Stay up to date with all aspects of steel energy marketing with our: 

  • Quarterly report providing detailed analysis of trends across the steel sector. This includes highlighting major project movements, customer analysis across applications within the energy sector, regional pricing overviews and descriptive trends in the green steel sector 
  • Monthly price update report 
  • Regular commentaries discussing relevant niche sectors within the steel product space 

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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    We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.