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Increasing demand for oil and gas and favorable oil prices are driving a boost in drilling and completions activities. With the number of wells estimated to soar, it becomes paramount to understand the key drivers behind this rise and how the market will evolve in the short and midterm.

Navigate the developments of the drilling and well supply chain industry with our complete and global solution package for this industry. 

Through our suite of data, analytics, and advisory services you will gain market intelligence and reliable data to understand how the global drilling, completion, intervention and production services market will evolve. Our in-house geologists allow us to combine sound technical expertise with the commercial aspects of exploration to understand the market potential going forward.

How can this help you


Connect the dots across the entire supply chain and make informed decisions by gaining access to:

  • Demand drivers in existing and new markets

  • Competitor landscape and market fragmentation

  • Project landscape

Energy Companies

Strengthen your decision-making process by tapping into:

  • Market size and purchase trends in the wells and seismic market

  • Trends in all geographical regions


Asses investment and divestments opportunities by exploring:

  • Portfolio benchmarking to assess and compare well suppliers globally

  • Key insights into field portfolios and drilling plans

  • Conduct regional analysis


Gain a solid understanding of the wells and seismic market by analyzing:

  • Trends in the well and seismic market

  • Top players and projects

  • Models and analysis of oil price sensitivity

Make better decisions with Wells and Seismic Solution across multiple energy types. Learn how below:

Relevant across energy types

Meet the challenges of the dynamic oil and gas industry with our comprehensive suite of services providing intelligence into the wells and seismic market. Explore demand drivers for products and services in existing and new markets, identify market opportunities and run sensitivity analyses by different oil prices.
Position yourself for success in the transition towards renewable energy with our accurate and timely data and analytics on the wells industry. Review the global supply chain market and breakdown by region to pinpoint business opportunities.
How we deliver value

Access a comprehensive and interactive data tool with field-by-field well count and rig demand and seismic intelligence. Get access to an in-depth analysis of:

  • Drilling trends and development plans for specific countries or operators
  • Oil price sensitivity and its impact E&P activity
  • Global seismic service market 

Stay up to date with timely and accurate analyses of the global drilling and well industry, as well as the seismic industry with our library of:

  • Quarterly reports covering the global drilling and completion market supply chain
  • Regular commentaries on key issues impacting the wells and seismic supply chain, demand, pricing
  • Project fact sheets, including information on project activity, spending and cost analysis

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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    We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.