Ready for 2024 - Shale 4.0: still very much alive and kicking

Introducing the most important updates of our shale portfolio

Ready for 2024: The last months in review. Read more and discover how our coverage and functionalities have been enhanced.

Better equipped for 2024 with brand new content

It has been an exciting year so far for the energy market. The public portion of the shale industry has long been marked by capital discipline and modest growth to ensure shareholder returns. Our teams have been hard at work during this year listening to clients' feedback and observing market movements to enhance our offering. At Rystad Energy, we have introduced some significant updates to our Shale Solution, ensuring you are better equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities of 2024. Here are some of the highlights designed to meet your workflows. Stay ahead of the markets and make informed decisions.

Our experts views

We kick off the reflection process covering how the shale industry played out this year and what to expect as we approach 2024. In this article, our Head of Shale Research Alex Ramos - Peon, is taking a look at the importance of capital discipline and inventory consolidation. While also looking at the opportunities and challenges lying ahead.

Key products highlights 2023

Full release of the Shale Well Performance and Spacing Dashboard: Benchmark performance of horizontal wells in Canada and the US

View the performance of selected horizontal wells (oil, gas or 2-stream), well design history, operator and vintage curves. Display Arps parameters, EUR and stream composition (GOR, NGL, Dry gas). Compare subset well performance to wider area. Drill down for individual well insights, placement and gun barrel views. Download well headers and time series. Upcoming: 30-year decline view, advanced spacing tools.

Full Release of the Shale Economics Model Dashboard: Enables users to benchmark operators against peers over time, with custom assumptions for discount rates and explicit OPEX values.

Obtain accurate data for informed decision-making through NPVs and breakeven metrics from a representative type curve based on individual well costs and performance.

NGL Supply Dashboard

ShaleWellCube breaks down total NGL supply to individual wells. This dashboard re-aggerates this at the basin level and operator level for quick reference.

Amir Zaman

Partner & Commercial Director – AMERICAS