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Ready for 2024: The last months in review. Read more and discover how our coverage and functionalities have been enhanced.

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It has been an exciting year so far for the energy market. The attention of policy makers and industry players shifted towards a more balanced focus on sustainability as we progress with ambitious climate goals. Our teams have been hard at work during this year listening to clients' feedback and observing market movements to enhance our offering. At Rystad Energy, we have introduced some significant updates to our supply chain solutions, ensuring you are better equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities of 2024. Here are some of the highlights designed to meet your workflows. Stay ahead of the markets and make informed decisions.

Our experts views

We kick off the reflection process covering how the supply chain played out this year and what to expect as we approach 2024. In this article, our Head of Supply Chain Audun Martinsen, is taking a look at the importance of developing and maintaining flexible, reliable and scalable supply chains for energy and other industrial sector, but also at the opportunities and challenges lying ahead with the rise of new regional supply chains.

Key products highlights 2023

Full release of the Steel Solution: Understand the impact of the energy transition in the steel industry

The newly released Steel Solution enables you to access the most comprehensive intelligence data for steel demand, supply and pricing in the energy landscape. The new dashboard features enhanced coverage of steelmakers and steel product manufacturers, including blast and electric arc furnace operators, DRI assets, tubular, coil, plate fabricators and others.

Cost Estimating Solution: Access right-sized level of detail for class 4/5 CCUS Cost Estimates

The CCUS cost estimating dashboard now includes data on additional emissions sources for carbon capture, opex improvements across transport and storage, ISBL/OSBL scope distinctions and pre-set characteristics amongst others. The new features enable users to evaluate a wider range of input parameters and evaluate effects on capex and opex economics.

Oilfield Service Solution: New Middle East and North Africa OFS quarterly report

Screen and analyze opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa Oilfield Service sector by country and service type with our new quarterly report series focusing on the region.

Key products highlights 2023

Offshore Vessels Solution: New Offshore Vessels Tracker dashboard​ developed for oil and gas and offshore wind

The new dashboard utilizes AIS data and it's tied to project-level information and allows users to deep dive into a vessel’s current and historical operations and utilization, while also highlighting operator relationships.

Full release of the Clean Shipping solution: Gain a comprehensive view of the energy transition in the shipping industry

The new Clean Shipping solution offers unprecedented insights into industry’s transition to net-zero. The suite of dashboards and analytics allows users to analyze the demand outlook for marine fuels, examine the potential availability of alternative fuels for the shipping industry, understand how the price of CO2 and shipping regulations will impact alternative fuel prices and gain insights into where green corridors can be established.

OFS North America Solution: Access the most comprehensive artificial lift data for the Texas shale market

Earlier this year we expanded our offering for the oilfield service market with our leading-edge Artificial Lift dashboard. The dashboard allows operators and service providers to study lift systems deployed by each operator in Texas at a granularity of basin, county, and formation, including lift system map, market share and market trend, lift system percentage by operator, well count, lift strategy performance and much more.

Jordan Barnes

Vice President Business Development - Global Supply Chain

Audun Martinsen

Head of Energy Service Research