Webinar: Balancing the energy trilemma in the global energy supply chain

The world is quickly transitioning to low-carbon solutions, while the need for energy security has led to a renewed growth in fossil fuels. Traditional oilfield service companies are now expanding more than ever their business operations into the ‘’new energy space’’, while redesigning their core business operations to meet sustainability goals. Although both oil and gas and low-carbon energy supply chain, investment growth is expected in the near-term, both markets are facing capacity and utilization challenges that need to be addressed sooner rather than later. 

In this webinar, our experts deep dive into the opportunities and challenges the energy supply chain is facing across different energy sectors and how the industry can move forward to ensure a secure, sustainable, and affordable future.


  • Growing energy security concerns on supply chain
  • Boost in demand for oilfield services
  • Oilfield service providers adapting to energy transition
  • Capacity and cost challenges across energy sectors