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We offer global and regional data, analytics and advisory services tailored specifically for in-depth analysis of the energy industry and several key sub-segments – Oil & Gas, Commodity Markets, Supply Chain, Renewables & Power and Energy Transition. The high consistency of data is a result of our systematic research, which involves combining publicly available information with Rystad Energy's own professional estimates and models. At the core of everything we do is bottom-up data, gathered by our analysts from company reports, investor presentations, press releases and government agencies, as well as public institutions such as IEA, OPEC, USGS and NPD.

We complete more than 1,000 data updates on a daily basis. Over 1,000 companies are tracked continuously, with all sourced data converted to the same level and definition within our products to ensure consistency. The bottom-up data is verified by top-down benchmarks, with minimal deviation allowed.

Clients benefit from this approach by subscribing to our data and analytics solutions and/or by utilizing our industry experts in collaborative advisory projects. On the following pages, you can learn more about what we can offer throughout various solutions and areas of expertise.

Oil & Gas

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Get full visibility into the global oil and gas industry   Through topical and fact-based analytics, highly detailed data and leading-edge advisory services, Rystad Energy is uniquely positioned to provide valuable insights into the global supply of oil and gas, investment opportunities, portfolio valuation, portfolio benchmarking and transaction analyses. 

Commodity Markets

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Get timely insights into market-moving facts and fundamentals. Our Commodity Markets products offer in-depth analysis of global oil and gas markets and their key drivers.

Renewables & Power

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Make the best decisions while navigating the energy transition through access to a unique new asset-by-asset database encompassing global solar, wind and energy storage projects. This solution suite also includes frequent commentaries and reports, for a diverse and consistent picture of the renewables sector. Furthermore, get valuable support on assessing the power market, the future power mix and related business opportunities.

Energy Transition

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Identify risks and opportunities as global energy systems continue to transition Our energy transition suite offers independent and fact-based perspectives of how our energy systems are evolving, from the small puzzles to the big picture. We track and analyze global energy flows – from production, conversion and transport to storage and end use of energy, across all energy sources and carriers. It takes time to change global energy fundamentals, but expectations about the future can change much faster.

Supply Chain

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Rystad Energy's Supply Chain Suite offers full visibility into the energy services sector, consisting of topical and fact-based analytics, highly detailed data and leading-edge advisory services. Supply and demand for services in terms of units and expenditure across all service sectors within the energy market, from oil and gas to renewables. Get to know market positioning, historic performance and future outlook for all suppliers and buyers within the services market.