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Make informed decisions by utilizing a complete bottom-up database of the global hydrogen market

We Provide

We provide comprehensive insights and research together with an extensive database of the global hydrogen industry.

We Deliver

We deliver up-to-date granular asset-level data, analysis, reports and regular commentaries related to the entire hydrogen economy.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with clients on developing strategies, market and asset assessments in the hydrogen industry, and provide support to ensure informed decisions are made based on benchmarking, valuations, market and technology development.


Features included

  • Full overview of all hydrogen production plants, including details associated with production method, hydrogen classifications, ownership structure, production capacity, feedstock source, end product production and offtake sector
  • Hydrogen economics, including hydrogen prices by the different production technologies and project capex & opex
  • Dynamic and interactive economic calculator allowing user to input their selections of production parameters and benchmark their cases versus various scenarios
  • Opportunities and market share in the supply chain, including existing and potential for new infrastructure, electrolyzer manufacturing plants and capacity, supplier competitive landscape, technology benchmarking and service market sizing
  • Relevant policies and economic incentive mechanisms by country
  • Long term outlook scenarios

Enables you to

  • Stay up to date with the latest developments of the entire hydrogen economy to find the opportunities within the industry by understanding the realities and possibilities of hydrogen and its carriers (ammonia, methanol, liquified hydrogen)
  • • Be well informed of the development of the entire hydrogen economy, see past the smoke and mirrors and find the opportunities within the industry by understanding the realities and possibilities of hydrogen and its carriers (including but not limited to ammonia, methanol or liquified hydrogen)
    • Explore a comprehensive global database of hydrogen assets across the entire sector, from upstream (hydrogen production), midstream (hydrogen carrier conversion, storage & transportation) and downstream (hydrogen usage across all sectors)
    • Make timely investment decisions by understanding the entire hydrogen business from up-to-date market intelligence
    • Identify competitors and see the current and future market share from investors, developers, suppliers, service providers to contractors across segments of the hydrogen economy
    • Examine demand forecasts for hydrogen, by country and sector, under several well documented scenarios based on the latest development of technologies, policies and investments in the sector
    • Explore costs of production, storage and transportation of hydrogen and analyze the competitiveness of hydrogen-based technologies in different demand sectors.
  • Understand the differences and potentials of different hydrogen production methods, different hydrogen transporation to make the best decisions possible

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Features included

  • A regularly updated library of in-depth reports on key topics at the core of the energy transition
  • Investments, supply and demand related to CCUS, hydrogen, batteries, emissions, solar, wind and power
  • Energy transition moves by energy companies
  • Newly announced projects, mergers & acquisitions, and market-moving news

Enables you to

  • Get timely, relevant and comprehensive overview of the global utility solar market sector
  • Access topical reports and analysis from leading industry experts
  • Stay-up-to-date on the latest trends and events in the market
  • Leverage a global network of industry experts
  • Develop strategic decisions based on facts and analysis
  • Access our online library of utility solar PV analysis and insights.

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