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In just two years, unprecedented growth in electric vehicle (EV) demand and a steady decline in global internal combustion engine (ICE) sales have propelled growth in the battery storage market to new heights. As the energy transition accelerates and countries and consumers decarbonize, the global annual battery demand could surge exponentially.

In today's fast-paced market, staying ahead of the competition requires accurate and timely data. Explore our complete and global solution covering the entire battery value chain, from mining, refining, cell production forecast, and market developments, including a comprehensive content library with deep-dive reports and commentaries. Analyze all facets of the macro battery market through a comprehensive battery investment analysis per country, tracking of monthly EV production, and sales outlook, as well as potential material shortages to forecast the EV penetration by country.

Our batteries solution is designed to give a deep understanding of the battery materials supply chain, and the batteries market:

  • Understand how it all ties into regional demand scenarios across all segments of transportation and energy storage at the country and regional levels
  • Analyze the capex of battery energy storage systems (BESS)
  • Assess cost developments along the batteries supply chain
  • Analyze the lithium market and assess investment opportunities
  • Calculate battery cell cost based on your own assumptions

Our Batteries Solution

With Rystad Energy's Batteries Solution, you can access a granular and bottom-up global database covering the entire battery value chain, from mining, refining, precursor, electrode to cell production forecast and capacities.

How can this help you

Energy Companies

Get a deep understanding of:

  • Utilities scale storage

  • Decarbonization potential and battery ESG analysis

  • Player landscape and market potential outlook

  • Suppliers performance, track records and cost formation analysis


Identify and value investment and divestment opportunities by assessing:

  • Cost structure of battery production

  • Companies performance, technology outlook, market shares and expansion plans

  • Product lines and regional benchmarking


Analyze the demand for raw materials and explore:

  • All upcoming mining projects for lithium, cobalt and nickel

  • Demand scenarios by country, grid storage and transportation sector

  • Bottom-up supply and demand for all components in the battery value chain


Assess the macro battery market and supply chain by:

  • Battery cell price development and composition

  • Sector, segment and company performance outlook

  • Demand scenarios by country, grid storage and transportation sector


Conduct battery market macro analysis with:

  • Miners' planned operations and supply capacity forecast for the next decade

  • Demand scenarios by country, mineral and cell production

  • Battery technology and cost developments

  • Analyze the capex of battery energy storage systems (BESS)


Access a complete dataset on:

  • Battery market, EV sales outlook, market shares, segment and regional footprint

  • Lithium, cobalt and nickel, historical and forecasted supply data

  • Raw mineral price trends and trade flows

How we deliver value

Explore a complete granular and global database of the entire battery value chain with in-depth analysis of:

  • Battery prices and cost breakdown
  • Supply and demand of key raw materials
  • Lithium and nickel price forecast

Get a timely, fact-based and topical understanding of the batteries landscape with our library of:

  • Thematic reports on battery materials supply chain and battery markets overview
  • Regular commentaries on key issues impacting supply chain, demand, pricing and cost analysis

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