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Access a comprehensive service covering the global energy mix as it develops and navigate through the energy transition


The global energy system is undergoing a rapid and structural transition bringing new opportunities and risks across the energy sector. This raises a broad range of questions: How will the mix of energy carriers transition across countries and sectors of the economy? What can historical energy transitions tell us about the future? Which are the highest emitting sectors and how can these sectors reach net-zero? How can we achieve a net-zero energy system and how fast will hydrogen, CCS and batteries grow?

Find these answers with our comprehensive energy transition service offering data and independent and fact-based perspectives on how our energy systems are evolving. With the Energy Scenarios Solution, you can assess the global energy system and navigate through the energy transition with a macro view covering 135 years and millions of data points, all sectors, energy carriers and countries.

We track and analyze global energy flows – from production, conversion and transport to storage and end use of energy, across all sources and carriers. We provide the most granular and complete data tool to assess and understand the historical and future energy mix under 12 global warming scenarios based on the IPCC AR6 climate report. The tool is complemented by our flagship report, Global Energy Scenarios, taking a deep dive into the latest trends and pathways across the energy field.

How can this help you

Energy Companies

Support your strategic priorities and goals by tracking:

  • Final energy demand by energy carrier, sector and scenario

  • Energy demand drivers, like industrial production, passenger-km and buildings floor space

  • All GHG emissions by sectors and country, and their reduction pathways under 12 global warming scenarios


Carry out due diligence and market analysis with unprecedented access to:

  • Understanding how the energy mix will evolve under different scenarios and prices

  • Energy and emissions intensity for benchmarking of sectors and countries

  • GHG emissions inventory and scenarios


Understand the sectors and regions that will be driving-up demand with:

  • Country-by-country and industry-by-industry demand for CCUS and hydrogen

  • Decarbonization pathways for hard-to-abate industries like cement, iron and steel and petrochemicals

  • Demand for energy and related emissions across countries, sectors and 12 scenarios


Identify the investments of tomorrow with data and intelligence on:

  • Country-by-country and industry-by-industry energy carrier demand

  • Demand for CCUS and hydrogen by country and sectors across 12 scenarios

  • Comprehensive report on trends and pathways for the global energy system


Produce long-term energy outlooks and policies with data on:

  • Country-by-country emissions and final energy demand from 1965-2100 across 12 scenarios

  • Data modelling and scenario planning

  • Drivers for energy consumption


Develop your strategy and access:

  • Final energy demand and emissions for road transport, aviation, shipping and rail

  • Energy and emissions driver, like vehicle fleet, passenger-km, and other transportation trends

  • Demand for sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), electricity, hydrogen, and other energy carriers across all sectors

How we deliver value

Access a complete data tool to assess and understand the historical and future energy system under twelve global warming scenarios and based on the IPCC AR6 climate report.

  • Assess and understand historical and future final energy consumption under twelve global warming scenarios and analyze emission-reduction pathways
  • Explore data across 217 countries, more than 60 sub-sectors and 70 energy carriers
  • Gather and analyze data to develop energy and climate models and benchmark assumptions and results
  • Measure risks and opportunities from the energy transition by comparing different scenarios for global warming


Comprehensive analysis on key trends and topics related to the global energy system.

  • Get deep insights on crucial trends, emerging technologies and strategic opportunities across the global energy system
  • Comprehensive information on decarbonization pathways for countries and regions
  • In-depth information regarding emissions reduction pathways for all sectors, including hard-to-abate sectors like iron and steel, cement, shipping, aviation and more
  • Gauge risks and opportunities from the energy transition by comparing different scenarios from our flagship scenarios report

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      Make better decisions with Energy Transition Solution across multiple energy types. Learn how below:

      Relevant across energy types

      As the shift from oil and gas to renewable sources of energy, tracking the demand for oil and gas under different scenarios is crucial. With our service, understand the energy mix by primary energy by end-user sector and end-user service. Get a picture of when and by what oil and gas will likely be replaced by carriers.
      As part of the energy mix, understand the rapidly evolving renewable energy industry and power sector, the historical and future power generation mix and consumption patterns, as well as the need for additional power generation capacity and storage.
      Access an overview of global carbon policies and carbon markets and the role of CCUS in the transition of the energy sector. Examine also the complete GHG emission picture, and the decarbonization pathways for all sectors and sub-sectors.
      Understand the role of hydrogen in the energy transition. Examine demand forecasts for hydrogen, by country and sector, under several well-documented scenarios based on the latest development of technologies, policies and investments in the sector.

      Our approach

      We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.