Energy Macro Solution

Strategic insights for navigating the global energy transition


In the rapidly evolving energy sector, strategic insights and deep analysis are pivotal for navigating the complexities of the transition toward a new global energy system. Our Energy Macro Solution stands at the forefront of this transformation, offering an analytics-focused suite of in-depth reports and expert commentary. This platform is engineered to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the energy landscape, from advancements in renewable energy to hydrogen market dynamics, carbon capture and storage outlooks, global energy scenarios and much more.

With a keen focus on the critical sectors reshaping the energy landscape, Energy Macro Solution offers a sophisticated analysis that transcends conventional data offerings. Synthesizing key developments across our main verticals, like electric vehicles, batteries, and oil and gas outlooks, provides a holistic view of the industry's evolution. This approach not only illuminates underlying trends but also identifies potential opportunities and strategic directions, empowering users with the foresight needed for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

How can this help you

Energy Companies

Deepen strategic planning with insights into:

· High-growth sectors and geographical market intelligence for investment prioritization.

·  R&D integration for tracking and prioritizing emerging energy technologies.

·  Strategies for entering new markets, aligned with global energy transitions.

·  Diversification opportunities to mitigate market volatility risks.


Refine investment strategies by analyzing:

· Sector-specific risks and growth potentials for enhanced due diligence.

· Timing for market entry and exits, leveraging predictive analytics.

· Diversification opportunities in emerging energy markets for portfolio risk management.


Strengthen supply chain and product strategies through:

· Value chain analysis to identify integration or divestiture opportunities.

· Forecasting demand changes in the energy transition and adjusting supply chain planning.

· Aligning product development with emerging technologies and efficiency requirements.


Optimize investment decisions with data on:

· Comprehensive sector analysis for due diligence and growth potential assessment.

· Predictive insights for market entry and investment cycle optimization.

· Emerging energy market trends for strategic portfolio diversification.


Inform policy and economic development with:

· Insights for drafting and revising energy policies based on the latest trends.

· Forecasts to support sectors with high growth potential, fostering job creation.

· Engagement strategies that align policies with industry realities and stakeholder interests.


Drive innovation and market growth by:

· Integrating insights on emerging energy needs into strategic product development.

· Planning investments in clean technologies and processes for a smooth transition.

· Identifying and evaluating new market entry opportunities based on future trends.

How we deliver value
  • Tracker: Up-to-date monitoring of energy markets, providing alerts and regular updates on critical changes, enabling swift strategic adjustments.
  • Insights: Expert analysis and commentary on current energy trends and policies, offering depth and context for informed decision-making.
  • Outlook: Annual and quarterly forecasts that outline future energy market trajectories, supporting long-term planning and investment strategies.
  • Blue Sky: Exploration of emerging energy technologies and trends, identifying future opportunities and guiding innovation strategy.
  • Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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Make better decisions with Energy Macro Solution across multiple energy types. Learn how below:

Relevant across energy types

As the shift from oil and gas to renewable sources of energy, tracking the demand for oil and gas under different scenarios is crucial. With our service, understand the energy mix by primary energy by end-user sector and end-user service. Get a picture of when and by what oil and gas will likely be replaced by carriers.
As part of the energy mix, understand the rapidly evolving renewable energy industry and power sector, the historical and future power generation mix and consumption patterns, as well as the need for additional power generation capacity and storage.
Access an overview of global carbon policies and carbon markets and the role of CCUS in the transition of the energy sector. Examine also the complete GHG emission picture, and the decarbonization pathways for all sectors and sub-sectors.
Understand the role of hydrogen in the energy transition. Examine demand forecasts for hydrogen, by country and sector, under several well-documented scenarios based on the latest development of technologies, policies and investments in the sector.

Our approach

We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.