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Make informed decisions by utilizing a complete bottom-up database of the global hydrogen market

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Since the Paris Agreement, countries have released their roadmaps to achieve carbon neutrality. Hydrogen has been seen as a driving force in these strategies due to its key roles in reducing carbon emissions and driving decarbonization of industries such as steel or chemical as well as the transportation sector. Countries around the world have understood the importance of developing hydrogen energy. As a result, incentives, roadmaps and investments have been flooding to both supply and demand side of hydrogen.

This leaves energy companies, governments and investors with key questions to answer, such as what the medium and long-term demand will be for hydrogen and what are its drivers? What factors will influence hydrogen pricing in the future? And what are the recent trends in technologies across the entire hydrogen value chain?

Explore our comprehensive global database of hydrogen assets across the entire sector, and stay up to date with the latest development of the hydrogen supply-demand balance, economics, technologies and supply chains. By understanding the realities and possibilities of hydrogen, as well as being informed of the market development, our research and database will assist you and your organization in finding opportunities within the hydrogen value chain.

Our Hydrogen Solution

Stay up to date with our global database of hydrogen assets across the entire sector. Now available in our proprietary Cube Browser software for an even higher degree of flexibility and superior data analysis. Assess, forecast and export supply-demand balances, economics, and deep-dive into technologies and supply chains.

How can this help you

Energy Companies

Gain competitive advantage with comprehensive coverage of:

  • Differences and potentials of all hydrogen production methods

  • Competitor landscape

  • Dynamic and interactive economic calculator with production parameters and benchmarking under different scenarios


Understand relevant policies and economic incentive mechanisms with data and reports on:

  • Long-term outlook scenarios

  • Forecasted demand for hydrogen by country and sector

  • Technologies benchmarking


Make timely investment decisions by understanding the entire hydrogen value chain:

  • Suppliers, developers and service providers' market shares and capabilities

  • Global database of newly proposed projects

  • Project by project economics, including different production technology prices


Explore supply and demand of hydrogen related to storage and transportation:

  • Existing and proposed facilities for transport and storage

  • Costs of production, storage and transportation

  • Electrolyzer manufacturing plants and capacity


Examine demand forecasts by country and sector under multiple scenarios:

  • Latest development of technologies, policies and investments in the sector

  • Cost structure of existing and proposed hydrogen projects

  • Full overview of production plants' ownership structure


Get a deep understanding of:

  • Up and downside risks for different carriers and transportation methods

  • Forecasted demand for hydrogen by country and sector

  • Technologies benchmarking

How we deliver value

Tracks every single dollar being spent on recent and upcoming projects by running analysis of:

  • Service price inflation trending
  • Energy project cost performance
  • Bottom-up project cost estimates

Stay up to date with the latest project cost performance trends in the energy supply chain with: 

  • Frequent insights about market impact of industry events and deep-dives into industry trends
  • Regularly updated factsheets covering project details, operator spend, supplier revenues and regional market trends
  • Thematic reports diving into service price inflation, service categories, cost benchmarking and estimating 

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