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What is it?

The HydrogenCube is a highly granular database, giving you a comprehensive overview on, hydrogen demand by sectors and locations hydrogen supply by production, storage and transport, as well as costs by production storage and transport

What can I achieve?

Understand all details associated with current hydrogen and ammonia supply, access a complete dataset of existing and proposed facilities for the transport and storage of hydrogen, explore a frequently updated global database of newly proposed projects at various stages of development. analyze the cost structure of existing and proposed hydrogen projects, examine forecasted demand for hydrogen by country and sector, under several well documented scenarios, examine potential achievable price premiums for low carbon-based end products, such as green steeling

Who is it for?

Energy companies 



Service and technology providers 

Road, air and sea transportation companies 

Financial institutions and investors 

Governments and governmental agencies 

Consulting and advisory firms

Demand forecasting

Explore and analyze the hydrogen demand by segment and country

Supply and transportation

Analyze hydrogen production by country, type of feedstock and startup year

Blue hydrogen supply

Electrolyzer manufacturing capacity and plants

Stay on top of the current outlook for electrolyzer manufacturing capabilities

Blue hydrogen

Stay on top of all details around blue hydrogen supply

Hydrogen production costs

Analyze the cost structure of existing and proposed hydrogen projects

Hydrogen shipping costs

Analyze costs related to hydrogen shipping

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