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Critical downstream market insights through detailed energy demand understanding. 

We collaborate with our customers and across departments to provide deep insights on end use of energy, and the impact of up- and midstream trends. Whether relating to local consumption, infrastructure, shipping or international markets, our work in the downstream space utilizes the full breadth of Rystad Energy's capabilities to advise clients on matters including acquisitions, strategy development and market assessment.


  • Demand for different oil products goes to the core of our oil market offering, and our advisory services build on that to help clients understand risks, opportunities and the strategies that would allow them to benefit from market shifts. 
  • As demand shifts, so does the relative competitiveness of crude qualities and the global trade of crudes. We support buyers and sellers of crude in understanding the competitive environment, the impact of regulatory changes and the cost of transportation on their bottom line. 
  • We advise shipping companies both within the clean and dirty trade, both on the short term outlook for the overall market, but also on the longer term changes. Working with management, we support strategy development in a world with heightened uncertainty around long-term demand and with increased focus on reducing emissions.