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What is it?

The EmissionsCube database is a consistent and complete overview of upstream CO2 emissions for all oil and gas fields globally. Utilizing reported data, satellite imagery and a deep understanding of emission drivers for different fields, it offers an easy and flexible way of comparing CO2 footprints in the industry. It is frequently updated with the latest reported information and is the ideal tool for upstream emission analysis

What can I achieve?

The EmissionsCube database is ideal for:

Benchmarking carbon performance of peer groups of assets and companies
Strategic emissions analysis
Gaining insights into emission drivers of fields, portfolios, companies and countries
Assessments of carbon risk
Company CO2 screening

Who is it for?

The database is built to support:

The financial market (investors, investment banking, equity research, M&A)
Insurance companies
Consulting & Advisory services
Oil Service companies
Governments and governmental agencies

The upstream 1 Gt of 85 000 assets

A complete bottom-up view of CO2 emissions from all oil and gas fields globally, including estimates for discoveries

Understand emission footprint of fields

Including emission forecast, production overviews and benchmarking options to analyze field performance

Break down company emissions on both operated and equity basis

Analyze and understand the drivers for emission within company portfolios, and see the forecast for future development

Create a relevant peer group

Utilize a range of filters to create a relevant peer comparison group for individual assets

Benchmark operators and companies

Get a complete overview of the global pecking order of upstream emissions, for toplines, regions, supply segments and more

Analyze performance over time

Consider the developments of both emissions and production over time, for all countries, companies and fields.

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