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What is it?

ECube provides complete coverage of global exploration activity tailored specifically for exploration analysis. Our data allows clients for screening wells for general well information, well results, geological plays, and drilling efficiency. Clients can also review licensing rounds, discoveries, high-impact wells, and costs associated with exploration. Get full visibility into global exploration historical, planned, and estimates about the future activity.

What can I achieve?

Identify the global and regional exploration activity trends.
Review the historical and recent discoveries and analyze the country and basin.
Possibility to do exploration company benchmarking.
Obtain the reservoir play information to screen for play delivery using stratigraphy, geological age and depositional environments.
Review the high-impact wells in the conventional exploration.
Obtain information on historical and upcoming licensing rounds.

Who is it for?

E&P Companies
Oilfield Service Companies
Investors and funds
New Venture exploration teams

Study the exploration results

Oil and gas discovery by well, asset, country, basin, reservoir, company or macro trends.

Screen well trends and well parameters

Study the details of exploration activity like wells, drilling days well depth, drilling purpose, well status.

Exploration company Benchmarking

Exploration performance benchmarking between E&P Companies using exploration costs, finding costs, success rates.

Creaming Curves

Use our Creaming curves to analyze the maturity of exploration within basin, country, or reservoir formation.

Licensing round overview

Review historical and upcoming licensing rounds for awarded and offered blocks and other terms and conditions for rounds.

Screen exploration by Reservoir formation

Review formation stratigraphy, geological age, lithology and depositional setting of discovery, and dry wells across basins, country, and company.

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