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Upstream investments to cool down in 2024
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In today's dynamic and evolving global markets, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for upstream industry leaders. With a profound shift in market dynamics, driven by an unprecedented supply deficit and soaring prices, the need for timely and accurate information has never been greater. At Rystad Energy, we understand the challenges you face and are committed to providing you with the tools and insights necessary to navigate this complex landscape and make informed decisions with confidence.

Our Upstream Solution is a comprehensive database that covers all oil and gas exploration, production and injector wells across the globe. We have added more than 3 million historical wells to our database. For each well, you can access information such as its location, operator, purpose, water depth, and drilling depth. Additionally, for production wells, we provide well-level production profiles with monthly granularity. This allows you to study historical drilling activity, well productivity, and benchmark drilling and production results with ease.

Moreover, in addition to the global database, get access to a fully customized modeling tool, where you can input your own assumptions on a variety of parameters (e.g., prices, discount rate, tax models) to generate customized profiles for each company or project of interest.

Our analytical tools are also supplemented by access to the client portal with the library of reports and commentaries that synthesize the market implications of trends and key events along with our expert views, all backed by Rystad Energy's unparalleled data universe.

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Rystad Energy’s Exploration Solution is a well-by-well exploration database that allows users to analyze every dimension of oil and gas exploration in the upstream sector. This includes the ability to analyze historical performances, review exploration licensing history and current acreage positions, analyze companies’ current exploration strategies, understand commitments and signature bonuses in completed lease rounds, perform reservoir performance benchmarking, and track discovered volumes across the globe.

How we deliver value

Get full visibility of the global upstream sector and break it down to its basic moving parts allowing you to:

  • Analyze production, reserves, and economic data as granular as on the field level. Build up data to learn about E&P company developments, portfolio performance and country potential
  • Gain access to detailed financial data at the field level, run sensitivity analysis across portfolios, benchmark companies on key performance metrics
  • Deep dive into recent M&A deals and transactions, exploration activity trends and successes, project development status and operator plans

Stay up to date on all aspects of the upstream industry through a regularly updated library of reports, commentaries, and asset factsheets covering project details, operator spends, supplier revenues and regional market trends allowing you to:

  • Get a timely and comprehensive overview of global and regional trends from the upstream sector, powered by data from Rystad Energy upstream databases
  • Learn about the implications of global or regional events on the upstream industry
  • Identify acquisition or swap opportunities by learning more about different fields, companies, and their strategies

We work closely with our customers and industry players to efficiently provide high-quality intelligence and advisory services, capturing market nuances as they happen. This allows them to:

  • Understand the energy transition and its impact on the future energy mix.
  • Gain a better understanding of energy transition strategies, including CO2 emissions, renewables, electrification, and hydrogen.
  • Build exploration and country-entry strategies

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      How can this help you

      Energy Companies

      Benchmark your company's portfolio, identify acquisition opportunities, and delve into exploration activity and potential to form long-term transition strategies based on:

      • Analysis of macro level supply trends by country and global outlook

      • Detailed field-level economic evaluation and opportunities screening

      • In-depth competitor portfolio analysis and performance evaluation


      Identify investment and divestment opportunities and carry out risk and sensitivity analysis accessing:

      • Production and economic data for all upstream fields globally

      • Detailed company benchmarking on valuation and key performance metrics

      • Recent macro-level trends on oil and gas supply, investments, and project development


      Screen opportunities and make sound investment decisions based on unmatched data on:

      • Cashflows and valuation for all upstream fields globally

      • Market dynamics and supply trends by region and globally

      • Company and portfolio benchmarking on key performance metrics


      Understand global market dynamics, learn about recent discoveries, exploration activity and their implication on the local economy, accessing:

      • Detailed field-level supply and economic data

      • Macro analysis and outlook by project, company, and region

      • Developments in exploration activity, spending, and license awards


      Gain detailed insights into key upstream industry drivers, learn about recent plans of E&P companies globally, and understand the impact on service companies using data on:

      • E&P company production, investments, and outlook  

      • Recent status on project development plans, FIDs, and discoveries

      • Macro developments in oil and gas supply and costs by region and globally

      Make better decisions with Upstream Solution across multiple energy types. Learn how below:

      Relevant across energy types

      Powerful data and analysis on O&G supply, demand, investment opportunities, portfolio valuation, benchmarking and much more
      Access an unprecedented coverage of carbon capture, transportation, and storage projects as well as CO2 utilization for both commercial and pilot projects. Explore a global overview of storage licensing, geological storage potential, including geographical proximity to emission sources.

      Our approach

      We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.