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Get full visibility into global oil and gas M&A activity through topical and fact-based analytics, highly detailed data, and leading-edge advisory services. Rystad Energy is uniquely positioned to provide deep insight into the global M&A activity of upstream oil and gas players, as well as portfolio valuation, company benchmarking, and transaction analyses.

We Provide

We provide insight into the global upstream M&A market, including information on major international deals, where transaction details are combined with asset-level data from our UCube to provide among others deal values where not made public.

We Deliver

We deliver access to data, reports, and commentaries that synthesize the market implications of trends and key events along with our expert views, all backed by Rystad Energy's unparalleled data universe.

We Collaborate

We collaborate closely with our customers and other market players to ensure that we deliver high-quality intelligence and advisory services in an efficient manner and that we capture the key nuances of the market as they happen.


Get full visibility of the global upstream M&A sector and break it down to its basic moving parts.

Features included

  • Overview of deals, including data on production, reserves, and resources traded, as well as metrics on each deal
  • Global insights on deals completed since 2014, as well as on potential upcoming deals
  • Complete coverage of oil and gas supply, including conventional and unconventional, onshore and offshore, and yet-to-find resources and portfolios
  • Combines reported deal metrics with underlying asset-by-asset database
  • More than 85,000 assets and 3,200 companies globally, with coverage by continent, country, and state/province

Enables you to

  • Get a comprehensive overview and understanding of the details associated with all deals globally
  • Understand historical and future global M&A trends in the upstream oil and gas sector, by basin, country, company, or field life cycle
  • Analyze deals in detail
  • Benchmark competitor performance and analyze their M&A activity
  • Use specified criteria to screen for acquisition or farm-in targets

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Upstream M&A Cube


Stay up to date on all aspects of upstream M&A activity through our trends reports, factsheets, and frequent value-adding commentaries, offering analysis of recent industry news and developments, all prepared by leading industry experts.

Features included

  • Monthly Upstream M&A Trends Report summarizing the global M&A activity of the previous month, comparing asset valuations, and looking at potential upcoming deals
  • Individual M&A reviews for larger transactions and potential large deals, providing additional information on the traded portfolio, including economics and valuation
  • Upstream commentaries, providing:
    • Insights into trends and specific upstream M&A deals
    • Value-adding analysis by our experts
    • Assessment of valuation and M&A activity

Enables you to:

  • Get a timely and comprehensive overview of the global and regional upstream sector, powered by Rystad Energy UCube
  • Access in-depth written analyses from leading industry experts covering:
    • Summarized information on upstream M&A activity
    • Details on transactions 
    • Production, economics, and valuation of traded assets
    • Portfolios that could be part of a larger deal in our M&A reviews
    • Insights on potential upcoming deals

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Upstream M&A Analytics


  • Understanding M&A market trends globally, by country, and by company 
  • Benchmarking top-performing companies and best practices within M&A 
  • Benchmark value creation from exploration programs versus M&A  
  • Identify acquisition opportunities across lifecycles by asset, company or swap opportunities 
  • Identify the most suitable buyers for given assets  
  • Make prospects for investors 
  • Deliver key elements related to Initial Public Offering processes 
  • Technical and commercial due diligence and valuation 
  • Understanding risks and opportunities related to increased oil recovery, taxes and emissions 
  • Understanding the oilfield services market and cost estimation related to the value of assets 
  • Expert witness in court cases