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Upstream M&A Cube

What is it?

Our Upstream M&A Cube is a global transaction database based on asset-level data. It covers historic transaction activity in the E&P sector as well as information on potential deals. The daily updated dashboard can be sliced to carry out detailed analysis.

What can I achieve?

The Upstream M&A Cube is ideal for:

Macro Analysis
Detailed analysis of the traded portfolios
Target screening

Who is it for?

Built to support workflows for:

Energy Companies
Banks and investors
Advisory & Research firms
Government institutions

Macro trends

Analyze the global deal spending by continent based on asset level data. Filters allow to dive down even further into the analysis. Study the deal spending on a lower geographical entity or by field type, life cycle or supply segment of the traded resources.

Analyze any deal

Determine details on each deal e.g. the deal value broken down by project, traded resources and traded production. Include key metrics on the deal in your analysis and slice them e.g. by region, hydrocarbon, supply segment and life cycle.

Assess deal values

Compare how the valuation of resources has been developed e.g. in your region or for a certain supply segment.

Benchmark sellers and buyers

Compare and analyze the inorganic growth of E&P players.

Screen for opportunities

Stay up to date on potential Upstream M&A activity. Filter the potential deals by your area of interest e.g. by potential seller or country.

Analyze assets in the market

Dive deeper into details on the assets on offer e.g. by evaluating the assets historic and future cash-flows.

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