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Critical midstream market insights through upstream activity driven analysis. 

Midstream oil and gas asset values, be they gas pipelines, LNG / crude oil tankers, or hydrocarbon storage facilities, are driven by the balance of upstream supply to product end use (demand). Rystad Energy leverages granular upstream data and detailed demand pattern information to provide unique, actionable insight to its clients.


  • Buy side transaction support: Assisting clients with thorough analysis of assets being considered for acquisition, typically with a focus on forecasting asset throughput (in a variety of scenarios) to provide insight on value and robustness.   
  • Vendor due diligence: Support clients with insightful, independent reports on the commercial outlook for assets being considered for sale. 
  • Midstream competition analysis: Assess the competitive landscape for a particular region or industry and quantify the advantages and disadvantages for particular hubs and assets.  
  • Shipping strategy development: "Macro-to-micro" startegy development support bridging global oil and gas market insight with concrete vessel investment decisions.