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Gain critical insights into the entire North American oil and gas market.

We Provide

We provide complete coverage of North American well data, delivered through our daily updated database, as well as analytics and advisory services. Our clients get access to high quality oil, gas and water production data, estimated NGL volumes, and insights into the latest flaring trends.

We Deliver

We deliver in-depth analysis of historical well-by-well data, near real-time activity levels and the medium-term outlook for North American tight oil, shale, oil sands and conventional well operations.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with our clients to provide tailor-made studies and reports as part of our advisory services across the entire shale value chain, including E&Ps, investors and service companies. Typical engagements center around valuation, transaction support, cost benchmarking, value chain analysis, competitor analysis, custom macro scenarios and detailed market assessments.


Get complete and detailed North American well data enhanced with near real-time satellite-based oilfield activity monitoring, thus providing a 360-degree perspective of this dynamic market, from drilling and completion operations to production and project design data, all of which can be correlated with well performance.

Features included

  • More than 1.5 million horizontal wells, fracked vertical wells and conventional wells
  • Historical monthly operated oil and gas production
  • Extensive well information, including geographic attributes, critical dates in the well life-cycle, production test data, well-level information on suppliers and service providers, and technical well disclosures such as perforation, tubing and casing records
  • Detailed well analysis, such as multi-dimensional well spacing and frac interference, oil and gas estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) per well, the most granular oil and gas production forecast by well life-cycle, drilling and completion costs, breakeven prices, well NPVs and IRRs
  • Shale acreage maps, including geology and infrastructure layers, with a data feed delivery option.
  • Granular BOEM data for the Gulf of Mexico which includes detailed disclosures of well directional surveys and formation top record.

Enables you to

  • Obtain critical insights into the entire North American shale sector, including major shale plays as the Permian-Delaware, Permian-Midland, Bakken, Eagle Ford, Marcellus and Utica, Niobrara, SCOOP and STACK
  • Detect recent high-impact wells in emerging plays
  • Compare performance of different shale players and analyze their portfolios
  • Identify short-term trends and total liquids potential for North American shale
  • Understand well drilling and completion costs along with breakeven prices.
  • Visualize historical Gulf of Mexico production, along with standard well-level PDP forecast for the region

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Get access to enhanced analysis of the shale oil and gas market with a timely and comprehensive overview of the latest developments and forecasts through our detailed reports and our steady flow of value-adding commentaries.

Features included

  • Monthly trends reports – providing monthly analysis of key trends in North American tight oil and shale gas plays
  • Monthly play reports – providing comprehensive play-level analysis with an overview of geology and play prospectivity, historical activity reviews and operator benchmarking with maps on acreage positions, as well as medium-term forecasts
  • Commentaries – delivering timely insights on a wide variety of topics, ranging from analysis of significant state data updates and insights into important current events, to in-depth fundamental research on complex industry trends and operational techniques.
  • Upstream Asset Reports and Factsheets – high quality in-depth analysis of major projects

Enables you to

  • Gain a timely and comprehensive overview of the latest developments and forecasts within the shale sector
  • Access in-depth written analysis from leading industry experts covering:
    • Detailed productivity metrics for drilling, completion and fracking markets, well productivity and well economics
    • Short and medium-term projections of production, spending and valuation metrics
    • An overview of shale financing with a focus on capital structure and company hedging o Geology, play prospectivity and maps on acreage positioning o Historical company performance and forecasts
  • Gain insights into the current trends in the completions market, track activity and supply-demand levels to understand current market concentrations

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  • Transaction support and market sizing: Valuation of E&P assets, commercial due diligence, opportunity screening, market sizing and outlooks. We can apply additional quantitative models on top of our existing data to perform various assessments, including more dynamic scenarios 
  • Benchmarking: We can review performance across multiple dimensions, such as costs, operational excellence and well performance, and we work with client organizations to pinpoint drivers for enhanced performance. 
  • Competitor analysis: We can analyze competitors through various lenses and highlight strengths and weaknesses. This type of analysis would typically also be included in market reports and transaction support. 
  • Custom macro scenarios: Given the vast impact of US shale on the global oil and gas macro environment, we support clients with more tailored scenarios, including dynamic simulations of the oil market through differing key assumptions. 
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