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Visualize detailed North American well data, enhanced with near real-time activity monitoring


Global energy markets have been rocked by unprecedented events. As a result, energy security is now at the top of the agenda across companies and government agencies alike. The US shale industry has never been more profitable, with cash flows rising rapidly as oil prices soar; despite inflationary and cost pressures, the global call for US shale is still on. 

Access to the most up-to-date factual activity metrics is not a luxury in the current environment, but a necessity. Explore our complete and robust solution covering the entire North American shale industry, delivered through our daily updated database, as well as analytics and advisory services.  

Obtain complete and detailed North American well data enhanced with near real-time satellite-based oilfield activity monitoring, thus providing a 360-degree perspective of this dynamic market, from drilling and completion operations to production and project design data, all of which can be correlated with well performance. 

Our Shale Solution

With Rystad Energy's Shale Solution, you can access a granular and bottom-up global database covering the entire North American shale sector, from fracking activity, and supplier pricing trends, to performance comparison between different shale players, flaring intensities, drilling and completions trends, and much more.

How can this help you

Energy Companies

Obtain a deep understanding of:

  • Supplier pricing trends and inventories, historical and forecasted

  • Performance comparison between different shale players, their portfolios and inventory quality

  • Flaring intensity, peer benchmarking and drivers, new regulations coverage, and ESG ranking


Identify and value investment and divestment opportunities assessing the:

  • Drilling and completions trends

  • Company and well-level activity, both historical and forecasted, and company benchmark analysis

  • Well-by-well PDP forecast in the market


Assess the demand through:

  • Detailed analysis and forecast of the North American shale market

  • Optimized demand forecasting, budgets and capacity data


Evaluate trading signals and forecasts through:

  • Short-term trends and total liquids potential within the North American shale market

  • Real-time coverage and regular update cycles to help power trading decisions

  • Detection of recent high-impact wells in emerging plays for specific companies and projects


Assess the overall shale market by:

  • Obtaining critical insights on the latest market developments and forecasts for specific well services markets

  • Evaluating drilling and completions trends to strategize and finalize budgets

  • Understanding well-by-well PDP forecast in the market


View macro-trends of the industry:

  • Complete and regular coverage of all significant regulations (federal acreage, tax incentives, setback rules, etc.)

  • Understand flaring intensity, operator benchmarking and drivers, new regulations coverage, and ESG ranking

Make better decisions with Shale Solutions across multiple energy types. Learn how below:

Relevant across energy types

Access an unprecedented coverage of carbon capture, transportation, and storage projects as well as CO2 utilization for both commercial and pilot projects. Explore a global overview of storage licensing and geological storage potential, including geographical proximity to emission sources.
Understand how electricity demand will evolve over the next decades through capacity forecast by energy category. Explore the total power generation globally and per country. Examine current and potential power sector emissions and power demand.
Explore a comprehensive global database of hydrogen assets across the entire sector. And stay up to date with the latest developments of the entire hydrogen economy to find opportunities within the industry by understanding the realities and possibilities of hydrogen and its carriers (ammonia, methanol, liquified hydrogen).
How we deliver value

Analyze complete and detailed North American well data enhanced with near real-time satellite-based oilfield activity monitoring and in-depth analysis of: 

  • More than 2 million horizontal wells, fracked vertical wells and conventional wells 
  • Short-term trends and total liquids potential for North American shale 
  • Well information, including multi-dimensional well spacing and frac interference, well NPVs and IRRs, breakeven prices, etc.

Obtain enhanced analysis of the shale oil and gas market with a timely and comprehensive overview of the latest development and forecasts through our: 

  • Monthly trends reports – providing monthly analysis of key trends in North American tight oil and shale gas plays 
  • Commentaries delivering timely insights on a range of topics from analysis of significant state data updates to in-depth fundamental research on complex industry trends 
  • Monthly play reports providing comprehensive play-level analysis

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists on:

    • Transaction support and market sizing: valuation of E&P assets, commercial due diligence, opportunity screening, market sizing and outlooks
    • Benchmarking across multiple dimensions, such as costs, operational excellence and well performance
    • Custom macro scenarios, supporting clients with more tailored scenarios, including dynamic simulations of the oil market through differing key assumptions

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    Our approach

    We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.