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What is it?

UCube database is a consistent and integrated micro and macro reconciliation of all historic and future E&P activities. It is complete along all dimensions and can be sliced and diced to carry out the most detailed analysis.

What can I achieve?

UCube database is ideal for:

Macro Analysis
Target screening

Who is it for?

Built to support workflows for:

Energy Companies
Service Companies
Bank and Investors
Government Institutions
Advisory & Research Firms

Study the economics

Breakout investments, operational cost, fiscal terms, and net cash flow for projects and companies globally.

Assess global supply trends

Study the detailed oil and gas supply by source, country, company or field.

Quantify the impact of the energy transition on the upstream industry

Access a detailed breakdown of what the upstream world would look like under different demand scenarios.

Perform benchmark analysis

Benchmarks performance between different E&P companies, like production growth, costs base, exploration success and value creation.

Carry out valuations

With our fundamental approach, it is possible to evaluate any oil and gas portfolio globally. By changing the oil price, it is possible to run sensitivity analyses.

Drill down to individual assets

Get all the details per asset, track how ownership has changed, changes decline rates, investments vs. production, and see the sources of our data.

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