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Gain critical insights into Energy Metals, focusing on steel and other non-ferrous product sectors.

We Provide

We provide market intelligence on energy tubulars – OCTG and linepipe – in addition to other steel and nonferrous metal products used across the oil & gas and renewable energy industries, including steel plates, valve assemblies, fittings, subsea equipment, offshore EPC materials and more.

We Deliver

We deliver detailed monthly pricing of OCTG and linepipe by grade and key regional market, including forecasts and a granular breakdown of supply and demand.

We Collaborate

We offer a wide range of commercial advisory services within the tubulars, industrial, and metals sector, drawing on regular market discussions with our unique, global network of industry specialists. We provide industry-leading data, proprietary modeling, and insightful analysis to offer strategic support and due diligence services to corporates and the investor community.


Acquire a detailed understanding of the pricing, supply chain and demand outlook for critical metal products across energy markets, as well as the key drivers.

Features included

  • Detailed supply and demand analysis of the OCTG and linepipe sectors  
  • Granular breakdown of grade requirements and new projects 
  • Historical and forecast data from 2015 to 2030  
  • Supplier information and market share for suppliers  
  • Key trends relating to existing and new technologies

Enables you to

  • Research historical and forecast demand for energy tubular products, including OCTG and linepipe by type (seamless, ERW, LSAW, HSAW, CRA, clad, lined etc.)
  • Assess strategy and target specific regions for opportunities to supply OCTG and linepipe products and services 
  • Track operator drilling plans and proposed pipeline construction projects 
  • Understand pricing trends and forecasts for a unique range of tubular products 
  • Learn about key energy tubular and substrate suppliers of each component, as well as their market share and capacity, on a global, regional and national level

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OCTG Module Linepipe Module


Stay up to date with the latest trends and important developments in the OCTG and linepipe sectors through our extensive family of detailed reports and our steady flow of value-adding commentaries, along with our vast series of readymade factsheets.

Features included

  • Monthly OCTG Report and Linepipe Report – covering the latest trends and forecasts for the OCTG and linepipe markets 
  • Project Factsheets – providing a quick overview of the key characteristics and technical details for all upstream oil and gas projects consuming OCTG and linepipe 
  • Commentaries – covering frequent insights into current trends and industry events, with both summaries and deep-dives into topics related to OCTG and linepipe 
  • Access to Analysts – providing product support and training, in addition to discussions and further insights from Rystad Energy’s global team of experts

Enables you to

  • Get a comprehensive and continually updated overview of global OCTG and linepipe markets, powered by Rystad Energy’s proprietary databases  
  • Get instant access to key prices across a range of OCTG and linepipe products  
  • Analyze trends in the types of linepipe (LSAW/HSAW/ERW/CRA/Clad/Lined and seamless) used in each regional market; 
  • Follow around 800 future pipeline projects requiring linepipe from small-diameter (i.e. for the SURF markets) right the way through to trunklines by operator, length, tonnage etc. 
  • Understand the competitor landscape of all seamless and welded pipe mills focused on supplying OCTG/Linepipe 

Have an overview look at:
OCTG Analytics Linepipe Analytics


  • We support E&P companies in their procurement of metals products through detailed and regular pricing analysis, helping them to achieve lower project costs through their negotiations with suppliers.  
  • With the metals segment diversified across the upstream oil and gas, midstream, downstream and power industries, there is regular interest among corporate and financial investors looking to add value to assets and management structures. We support investors in understanding the fundamentals of the industry, future development across price and cost scenarios, supply chain landscape and more, and have successfully supported investors on both buy side and sell side diligence mandates in recent years. 
  • As a data oriented advisory, we use our global databases with field-level data to support industry organizations in understanding genuine growth opportunities and associated risks. Our insight is presented to organizations and governments around the globe.