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A complete set of solutions for the energy metals sector

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The prospects of the global OCTG and linepipe industry look promising on account of rising demand for oil and gas and favourable oil prices. In a volatile and fast-paced environment influenced by cost increases, inflation, and supply chain constraints, it becomes paramount to have access to reliable, world-class data in the energy metals industry.

Our comprehensive solutions for the energy metals industry offer access to data, analytics, and expert insights to help you navigate this changing environment.

Use our dynamic tools to analyze the global OCTG and linepipe supply and demand, track current and future projects, and understand long-term pricing forecasts. Stay ahead of the market with the most updated market commentaries and expert insights. 

How can this help you


Make your product portfolio competitive and find business opportunities by:

  • Scanning for future projects which will generate demand

  • Understanding competitor landscape

  • Key raw material price indicators for OCTG and linepipe

  • Raw material drivers

Energy Companies

Understand the opportunities and challenges of the energy metals sector by analyzing:

  • OCTG and linepipe production capacity

  • Benchmark company performance


Effectively plan your investment strategy based on:

  • Detailed monthly pricing of OCTG and linepipe

  • Understanding supply and pricing mechanisms for the industry

  • Key trends relating to existing and new technologies


Understand the energy metals market with data and reports offering you insights on:

  • OCTG and linepipe market trends

  • Current pricing overview and future trends

How we deliver value

Acquire a detailed understanding of pricing, supply chain, and demand outlook for critical metal products with an in-depth analysis of:

  • Supply and demand of the OCTG and line pipe sector
  • Tracking of future linepipe projects
  • Historical and forecasted market dynamics by country 

Gain solid and timely understanding of the energy metals industry by accessing our library of:

  • Thematic reports on OCTG and linepipe covering the latest trends and reports
  • Regular commentaries with up-to-date insights on key industry topics 

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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    Our approach

    We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.