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Linepipe Analytics

What is it?

Our Linepipe Analytics provides global Linepipe market intelligence through a monthly report, detailed factsheets and a steady flow of commentaries on the Linepipe market. Demand forecasts for Linepipe are derived from detailed information on the SURF market, onshore oil and gas infrastructure including all major trunk line activity. Monthly prices of Linepipe and the raw materials used to produce these grades are also provided in all key markets.

What can I achieve?

You can understand the key dynamics happening in each regional Linepipe market every month – which trunklines are set to be built, what offshore infrastructure is proposed for different subsea projects – risers, flowlines etc. This can also be compared to the forecast underlying demand for Linepipe in each key market. By understanding the prices and forecast prices of Linepipe, these can be used to assist in procurement negotiations for buying Linepipe.

Who is it for?

Built to support procurement contract negotiations for E&P Operators and EPC companies. Used by Linepipe manufactures, trade houses, steel companies etc. to determine market movement and outlooks.

Market Reports

Monthly report diving into large and small-diameter linepipe markets globally including supply & demand and pricing and price outlooks for both linepipe and key steelmaking raw materials used to produce these grades. Overview analysis is also included of the key alloy grades such as clad and lined pipe prices.

Factsheet Library

Thousands of regularly updated factsheets covering upstream oil and gas projects, operator spend, supplier revenues and regional market trends.

Regular Commentaries

Frequent insights about market impact of industry events and deep-dives into industry trends.

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