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Linepipe Module

What is it?

Our Linepipe dashboard provides detailed data including type (seamless, ERW, Large-diameter), for the linepipe market for over 40 key consuming countries. Both historical and 5-year forecast data can be easily accessed. Coverage of all of the Linepipe manufacturers in the world is provided. Our views on costs and prices are channeled through a bottom-up databases that are updated monthly.

What can I achieve?

You can analyze Linepipe demand down to the actual individual oil and gas field in over 40 of the largest linepipe consuming countries in the world. As well as understand in detail the supply and pricing mechanisms for the supply of Linepipe into the global industry. All forecasts are transparent, customizable and activity sensitive.

Who is it for?

Built to support workflows for: Energy Companies; Linepipe manufactures; Steel mills; Service companies; Banks and Investors; Government Institutions; Advisory & Research Firms.

Detailed country demand analysis

For around 40 of the largest linepipe consuming counties in the world, breakdown of linepipe consumed by type (ERW, seamless, LSAW, HSAW, clad and Lined), with analysis on all key linepipe consuming projects from the SURF market through to major trunklines, with data available from 2015-2024

Market trends

For the 40 largest Linepipe consuming countries, historical and forecast (2015-2024) real linepipe demand from small diameter such as seamless linepipe consumed in the SURF market, through to large diameter linepipe that is consumed in trunk lines. Key trade flows of Linepipe also shown into each country.

Linepipe manufacturing capabilities

Analysis on all the Linepipe manufacturers in the world by location, capacity, diameter range etc.

Linepipe pricing

Monthly pricing of some 20+ Linepipe grades including higher alloy grades such as Clad and Lined, and all key seamless and welded grades. Pricing is also undertaken for steel plates used in linepipe manufacture. Four quarters of price forecasts are also provided.

Steelmaking raw materials price forecasting

With iron ore, coking coal and scrap being the key raw materials for the manufacturing of carbon grades of Linepipe, we also provide a forecast over the next year on how we see this benchmark prices developing.

Ferro alloy price forecasting

For the higher grades such as clad and lined, ferro-alloys make up a key raw material component. Here as with steelmaking raw materials we provide our own forecast on how these key raw material prices might develop in the next year.

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