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ServiceCube (Oil and Gas)

What is it?

ServiceCube – Oil and Gas is an online database that tracks every single dollar being spent in the oil and gas market. Analyze spending trends across all oilfield service segments in the upstream, midstream and downstream market. It includes service purchases and revenues for more than 65,000 oil and gas projects and analyzes 2,400 buyers' budgets and 1000s of suppliers.

What can I achieve?

Explore global oil and gas expenditures by segment, geography and development solution
Understand trends, development, and size of individual service markets
Obtain and benchmark revenue outlook for energy service market players
Get an immediate overview of service buyers portfolios and their future spending plans
Track contracts, order intake and backlog
Study service companies emissions profile
Get an overview of service companies energy transition rankings

Who is it for?

Service Companies
Energy companies: Procurement and supply chain analysis
Financial market: Investors, investment banking, equity research and M&A
Governments and governmental agencies
Consulting and advisory firms

Study macro and sector specific trends

Split the global energy purchases by Service Segment Group, you can see how different each segment develops. Select one specific country to analyze trends or choose one operator to see their needs for different products and services going forward.

Dive into required services per field

Select fields to look at the fundamental growth of a market or screen for contracts. All segments are subdivided into Service Segment Categories allowing users to explore more than 50 upstream related segments.

Deep dive into a specific service company emissions

Run detailed analysis for a specific company in the supply chain and gain insights into its reported emissions, emissions reduction goals, energy consumption, waste generation, and water usage.

List and rank your market of choice

Updated monthly, you can easily get to know the latest project status. Screen desired provinces, projects or operators, and get an updated view of the market by listing your entities; expected FID’s, total greenfield value, start-up year, and any other relevant field characteristic.

Screen for opportunities

Identify key field attributes fitting your investment criteria and generate lists of potential candidates that fit your mandate.

Price scenario and price sensitivity approach

Compare and analyze historic success for different segment purchases or contract awards by oil price sensitivity. Split these awards by project breakeven prices to see how robust the order intake is for changes in oil prices.

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