Price Inflation Solution

Dynamically evaluate pricing and market risks from labor, materials, equipment, manufacturing, construction and more across all industries

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During a period of unprecedented market inflation, the fundament of strategic decisions is to quantify market risk with complete visibility of market changes and challenges along the way to quickly and accurately evaluate market inflation’s impact on cost estimates together with escalation granularity and risk scenarios to determine nominal dollars.

Get full visibility of global inflation to easily manage cost risk and avoid inflationary impacts. Analyze service price inflation for all resource types across all geographies. 

Our underlying bottom-up data allows procurement professionals to perform pricing risk scenarios by transparently customizing our price and activity-sensitive forecasts, enabling professionals to quickly and transparently feel confident that the output matches their specific project, and strategists to find cost savings opportunities by assessing market cost performance. 

How can this help you


Quickly determine the value of project portfolios by:

  • Gaining a deep understanding of prices, cost and labor trends within each sub-segment

  • Identifying product lines and regions outperforming peers and market

  • Accessing a comprehensive overview combining regional unit price changes across service segments

Energy Companies

Track record, suppliers performance, inflation indices and cost formation to:

  • Analyze financial and operational peer group performance

  • Gain overview combining regional unit price changes across service segments

  • Build customized cost models across industries 


Identify project cost and service prices and calculate cost to:

  • Gain cost and price intelligence focusing on benchmarking, estimating and inflation

  • Gain overview combining regional unit price changes across service segments

  • Build customized cost models across industries


Analyze price drivers, market outlooks and inflation indices to:

  • Understand how the market price and asset performance will evolve to make investment decisions  

  • Gain insights into project costs and service prices throughout the supply chain  

  • Gain overview combining regional unit price changes across service segments  


Understand cost and price formation as well as inflation indices and cost estimating to:

  • Monitor price changes and support change orders 

  • Anchor bids, evaluate and negotiate tenders 

  • Gain a deep understanding of prices, cost and labor trends within each sub-segment

Make better decisions with Price Inflation Solution across multiple energy types. Learn how below:

Relevant across energy types

Rystad Energy’s tried and tested Price Inflation Solution has been one of the preferred inflation trackers since its inception for the oil and gas industry. Benchmark cost and price inflation across more than 100 different categories on a country level to see how prices are evolving in the market.
Evaluate historical and forecasted cost and price developments for low carbon segments such as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), with insights into underlying cost drivers, segment-specific inflation, and labor market trends with Rystad Energy’s knowledge in these fast-growing sectors.
In a sector that has seen both big price decreases and increases over the past 10 years, this solution helps understand historical and forecasted price trends for Solar PV projects for construction, equipment, materials, engineering, and labor. With this information, the user can better time contract decision, analyze cost performance, and control cost overruns.
Analyze cost and price inflation for onshore and offshore wind development globally. Explore underlying cost drivers from over 15,000 unique cost inflation indices and the impacts on market pricing for construction, installation, equipment, materials, engineering, and labor through Rystad Energy’s proprietary price inflation indices.
How we deliver value

Track every single dollar being spent on recent and upcoming projects by analyzing: 

  • Service price inflation trending 
  • Energy project cost performance 
  • Bottom-up project cost estimates  

Stay up to date with the latest project cost performance trends in the energy supply chain with: 

  • Frequent insights about market impact of industry events and deep-dives into industry trends
  • Regularly updated factsheets covering project details, operator spend, supplier revenues and regional market trends 
  • Thematic reports diving into service price inflation, service categories, cost benchmarking and estimating 

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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