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Gain detailed insight into the supply and demand for both offshore rigs and land rigs. 

We Provide

We provide market intelligence channeled through bottom-up databases, thematic reports, commentaries, and factsheets on the global offshore and land rig market. Clients can connect with our leading industry experts and go deeper through customized advisory services.

We Deliver

We deliver comprehensive and detailed coverage of both the offshore and onshore rig market, allowing you to study market shares, understand upcoming demand, perform regional analysis, assess contractors’ rig fleets and much more.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with our clients to provide insight and solutions on topics across the supply chain. Our consulting ream has broad experience working with equipment manufacturers, service companies and E&Ps.


Gain valuable insight across the asset-heavy sector of offshore rigs and land rigs.

Features included

  • Supply and demand for offshore rigs and land rigs
  • Complete bottom-up coverage of 65,000 fields 
  • Field level breakdown of drilling demand
  • Buyers' budgets, energy service purchases, awards and suppliers' revenues
  • Rig movements and locations
  • Detailed data on rig specifications
  • Emission data and CCS rig demand

Enables you to

  • Access comprehensive bottom-up data covering all aspects of the global rig market
  • Study past and future drilling schedules, split by development and exploration activity coupled with key field-level metrics  
  • Explore rig portfolios, including contractual data and technical specifications, along with retirement and newbuild activity  
  • Analyze the respective short, medium and long-term demand forecasts for rigs

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OffshoreRigCube LandRigCube


Stay up to date on all aspects of the rig industries through our extensive family of detailed reports and steady flow of value-adding commentaries, along with our vast series of readymade factsheets.

Features included

  • Monthly Offshore Rig Report – offering detailed coverage of key trends and providing forecasts for the offshore rig market 
  • Quarterly Land Rig Report – providing comprehensive insight into key trends and outlooks for the global land rig market 
  • Commentaries – offering expert analysis of current trends and latest industry developments, adding context, assessing the implications, and showcasing relevant data.
  • Access to analysts – providing product support and training, in addition to discussions and further insights from Rystad Energy’s global team of experts

Enables you to

  • Get a timely and comprehensive overview of the global rig markets, powered by Rystad Energy’s databases
  • Access recent data points and key trends in the respective markets 
  • Analyze historical and forecasted supply and demand balances for offshore rigs and land rigs
  • Understand the short, medium and long-term outlook for the respective markets
  • Explore the global supply of drilling rigs, their locations, technical specifications and owners


  • Our consultants work closely with the management of some of the largest service companies across all industry segments, in support of strategy development, business planning and acquisition screening, among other assignments. As companies have moved to maximize the value creation from their current asset base, we have provided advice on reinvestment in assets (MPD, mooring), asset retirements and reactivation strategies.  
  • We are fundamentally data-driven and have, over time, built an institutional knowledge of the rig industries and cultivated comprehensive databases that enable us to quickly conduct detailed assessments of new market scenarios and parameters. Combining our upstream database with rig, AIS and satellite data, we are able to provide detailed real-time assessments on market activity, and by tracking global activity we can quickly identify new hotspots. 
  • Our industry network enables us to collect important data points, but also to understand key qualitative aspects such as operator preferences, asset performance and quality of organizations. In soft market conditions, these factors are key to understanding the outlook for companies and the market segments. 
  • Providing key inputs to decision-makers, our detailed day rate and utilization forecasts enable investors and market participants to get a third-party assessment of their business plans.