Rigs Solution

Gain detailed insight into offshore rig and land rig markets, monitor historical and forecasted global rig supply and demand


Constant changes in oil prices and unexpected market events relate to the current offshore rig and land rig activity globally and determine global trends together with supply and demand rig balance in the upcoming years.

Understand the global offshore and land rig market trends through historical and forecasted databases to assess strategy and make informed decisions to support rig activity. Identify upcoming opportunities in the local and global drilling market for the upstream and geothermal sectors and explore investment opportunities.

Study market shares, understand upcoming demand, perform regional analysis, and assess contractors’ rig fleets through comprehensive and detailed coverage of both the offshore and onshore rig market.

How can this help you


Analyze offshore and land rig markets to:

  • Gain bottom-up market outlook

  • Understand short, medium and long-term demand forecasts for rigs

  • Screen for market events and portfolio opportunities

Energy Companies

Understand micro-to-macro coverage of offshore and land rig markets to:

  • Screen for divestment and investment opportunities

  • Benchmark company performance

  • Analyze financial forecast and market outlook


Sensitize demand and analyze supply of offshore and land rigs to:

  • Build strategy and make decisions for new rig building activity

  • Understand trends in the rig markets

  • Explore opportunities for investment


Gain insight across the asset-heavy sector of offshore rigs and land rigs to understand:

  • Future revenue potential and drivers

  • Operator’s short, medium and long-term capex and opex budget forecasts

  • Rig rate forecast based on econometric reasoning applied to historical data

How we deliver value

Gain unique insight into historical and forecasted global offshore and land rig supply and demand with in-depth analysis that provides:

  • Extensive rig supply data
  • Rig demand for both the upstream and geothermal markets
  • Technical specifications and geographical location for each drilling unit

Get a timely and comprehensive overview of the global rig markets and stay up to date on all aspects of the rig industries through our extensive family of:

  • Monthly and quarterly reports on trends and forecasts of the rig markets
  • Frequent commentaries discussing industry trends and news that shape the markets
  • Library of quantitative factsheets

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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      We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.