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Offshore Rig Analytics

What is it?

Get a timely and comprehensive overview of the global and regional offshore rig market with access to our online library of offshore rig analysis and insights. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and events in the rig market. Offshore Rig Analytics includes monthly offshore rig reports, weekly offshore rig commentaries and a library of factsheets.

What can I achieve?

Offshore floater and jackup market analysis
Understand contract and rig rate developments
Get an overview of newbuild construction, retirement, stacking and reactivation trends
Supply, demand and market share analysis
Target screening

Who is it for?

Rig Companies
E&P Procurement Departments
Oilfield Service Companies
Banks and consultancies
Investors and funds

Monthly Offshore Rig report

Monthly report on recent trends in the global offshore rig industry. Every quarter, we take a more holistic view and point towards long term supply/demand trends and fundamentals.

Weekly newsletter and frequent commentaries

Weekly newsletter and frequent commentaries with insights on rig market events and topics. Gives key highlights in terms of new contracts, cancellations, demand emerging and other.

Online library of factsheets

Comprehensive overview of field-, company - and rig-level facts powered by OffshoreRigCube.

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