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What is it?

OffshoreRigCube is an online, rig demand & supply database covering the activity of mobile offshore drilling units (floaters and jackups) globally. It’s a detailed tool with extensive data including contract information and technical specifications for each unit, historical and forecasted drilling activity and offshore wells in every region, tenders, utilization, day-rates and much more. RigCube is complete bottom-up with activity from more than 30.000 offshore assets from year 2000-2030.

What can I achieve?

Analyze the rig market from macro to field level throughout the lifecycle of all offshore fields globally.
Analyze the competitive market through market shares, utilization and supplier-operator relationships.
Understand price developments through analysis of dayrates.
Explore the number of rigs and wells required for any future project.
Get a complete overview of capabilities and availability of any rig.
Analyze new-build construction, retirement, stacking and reactivation trends.

Who is it for?

Rig Companies
E&P Procurement Departments
Oilfield Service Companies
Banks and consultancies
Investors and funds

Screen for opportunities

OffshoreRigCube can be used to analyze the global rig demand. Understand which countries will have the highest demand for offshore rigs over the coming years, and which operators will represent that demand. Identify at which water depths, which operational environments and in which segments demand will grow going forward.

Sensitize the demand side using oil price exposure

OffshoreRigCube can be used to understand how the rig market is affected by different oil price scenarios. Dig down to each specific project to look at the rig demand for this project and the breakeven price. Remove projects with high breakeven prices to see a downside in a low oil price scenario.

Analyze rig contracts and tenders

OffshoreRigCube can be used to analyze the latest contract awards, tenders, market share and operator-supplier relationships. List every single contract and see when it was awarded, timing and the day rate etc.

Analyze the supply side

OffshoreRigCube can be used to analyze the supply of rigs on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. You can use the tool to analyze rig owner fleet development or to analyze new-build construction and retirement trends. The tool can also be used for rig selection - to inspect equipment specs, availability and rate development in certain regions for selected rig types. Every rig is ranked with a static rig score.

Rig tracker

Study rigs by current locations, filtered by rig manager, by asset class, or by operator. In addition to the current contract status and the corresponding rig rate, you can study historical rig activity to see on which field the rig has been working and which type of work it has undertaken.

Rig Rate Forecast​

The Offshore Rig Rate Forecast dashboard provides rate insights through 2026 for UDW Floaters, Harsh Floaters, Benign Moored Floaters, Harsh Jackups, Premium Jackups, and Standard Jackups, also allowing users to screen future utilization levels, demand, and supply for each segment.

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