Subsea Cube

What is it?

SubseaCube is a comprehensive, field-by-field database covering subsea structures and components for upstream operators globally. Data can be split along market dimensions such as design parameters, subsea tree suppliers, geography, water depth, facility type, and life cycle for fields and discoveries globally. Data is complete in all dimensions and can be sliced and diced to carry out detailed analysis.

What can I achieve?

  • Market Analysis 
  • Strategy 
  • Benchmarking 
  • Target screening 

Who is it for?

  • Oilfield Service Companies 
  • Service Companies 
  • Bank and Investors 
  • Energy Companies 
  • Advisory & Research Firms 

Screen for opportunities

SubseaCube can be used to analyze the global subsea tree demand. Use the tool to understand which operators will have high demand for subsea trees over the coming years, and in which regions will this demand be.

Benchmark operator’s portfolios

SubseaCube can be used to understand how the subsea market is affected by different oil price scenarios. Dig down to each specific project to look at the subsea tree demand for this project and the breakeven price.

Analyze the supply side

SubseaCube can be used to analyze the original manufacturing companies’ latest contract awards, market share and operator-supplier relationships. Dig down to each single contract and see when it was awarded, when is the equipment installed, and whether it was awarded as an integrated contract or not.

Macro trends

SubseaCube can be used to analyze the global SURF line demand. Use the tool to understand how the SURF market will grow going forward, and which regions will require most SURF work, what type of SURF lines will be required, which diameter, and much more.

Understand the existing infrastructure

SubseaCube can be used to analyze the existing subsea infrastructure globally. Use the tool to understand how the aging infrastructure is evolving over time.

Field analysis

SubseaCube can be used to analyze subsea equipment demand project-by-project. Understand the demand for subsea infrastructure for specific projects and get details such as water depth, significant wave height, operator, field life cycle, project breakeven price and facility type for the specific project.