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Gain subsea market intelligence for production systems, historical and upcoming projects, processing equipment, SURF lines and subsea services market

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The subsea market remains heavily focused on a clutch of global hot spots, but the dynamics of the sector within this grouping can still vary considerably from region to region. With subsea production systems (SPS) installed on every continent, subsea activity remains most heavily concentrated on the key markets.

Acquire a detailed understanding of the subsea market, identify key trends and stay on top of upcoming opportunities for subsea equipment, SURF and subsea services. Gain in-depth understanding through our field-by-field database covering subsea structures and components for upstream operators globally.

Analyze the global demand for subsea equipment and services. Understand how the subsea market is affected by different oil price scenarios. Dig down to identify the demand for any given project and the associated breakeven price.

How can this help you


Gain full visibility into the subsea market and awards to:

  • Understand competitor landscape

  • Dig down to every single contract, understand specifications and conditions

  • Analyze the demand for subsea services and equipment field by field

Energy Companies

Analyze the subsea market and peer group performance to:

  • Understand market drivers, recent offshore discoveries and commodity prices

  • Identify business development opportunities

  • Assess the latest contract awards and operator-supplier relationships


Analyze global deal and market volume to:

  • Assess the subsea manufacturing companies’ latest contract awards

  • Screen for business opportunities

  • Understand how the subsea market is affected by different oil price scenarios


Analyze the subsea market to:

  • Understand global trends

  • Benchmark peer group performance

  • Gain visibility into company and field valuation

How we deliver value

Acquire a detailed understanding of the subsea market and stay on top of upcoming opportunities with our in-depth analysis on:

  • Field-by-field subsea structures for upstream operators globally
  • Global subsea equipment and installation activity
  • Subsea component demand by different dimensions

Stay up to date with the latest trends and details on the subsea equipment, SURF and subsea service markets with our:

  • Thematic reports covering the trends and outlook for the subsea market
  • Project factsheets providing an overview of the key characteristics, expected expenditure, contracts and technical details
  • Commentaries offering expert analysis of current trends and the latest industry developments

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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