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NEW IN 2023: The last six months in review. Read more and discover how our coverage and functionalities have been enhanced.

Introducing 2023 brand new content

The US onshore E&P sector has experienced significant fluctuations in recent months. Despite these challenges, operators have shown maturity and an ability to navigate adversity. Reduced sensitivity to oil prices, impoved consistency in well outcomes, and consolidation within the sector have all helped improve its resilience. Earnings from the first quarter of 2023 reveal increases in reinvestment rates for two consecutive quarters. Even so, the number is at 60% - an unimaginable level just a few years ago. 

Drilling activity is responding to some oil market weakness, but gas drilling has been most affected by the large drop in the underlying commodity. Our analysis shows that fracking activity remains robust. As a result, the inventory of drilled but uncompleted well (DUC) has gradually decreased, but they still remain at a healthy level. Production rates in the Permian have significantly increased due to the high rates of fracking. This growth continues to boost US output, but at the expense of increased flaring in the Permian. Meanwhile, our research indicates that US oil well productivity has degraded marginally, but this does not pose a significant short-term concern. 

Our Shale solution has undergone significant updates and advancements in 2023 to provide you with the best possible industry navigation and stay ahead of the game. Key improvements have been implemented to better suit your workflow requirements.

Key highlights

Improved Louisiana lease-to-well production allocation

Leveraging the complex data structure of Louisiana’s Strategic Online Natural Resources Information System, Rystad Energy has improved its lease-to-well allocation methodology to better study individual well performance.

Visualize new map layers of landing zones for wells in the Permian Basin

These mapping features contribute to improving the analytical capabilities of ShaleWellCube through more precise spacing and inventory analysis in the Permian.

New Shale Economic Performance Benchmarking dashboard

Work with well-level economic metrics efficiently, to construct a representative type curve along with the ability to calculate NPV and breakeven metrics.

Our experts views

Despite challenges, the industry has demonstrated maturity in various aspects, enabling it to navigate through adversity while remaining profitable. Factors contributing to this resilience include reduced sensitivity to oil prices, improved consistency in well outcomes and consolidation within the sector.

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