New in 2023: Updates from our Gas & LNG offering

Introducing our most important updates on Gas & LNG markets

NEW IN 2023: The last 6 months in review. Read more and discover how our coverage and functionalities have been enhanced.

Introducing 2023 brand new content

Will we see gas prices at zero during 3Q as storage levels in Europe continue to build at a fast pace? Will demand growth remain muted? Our Gas Market intelligence is designed to help industry leaders navigate the ever-changing market and ensure they have the data and insights to move quickly and make informed decisions.

Our teams have been hard at work these last 6 months listening to clients' feedback and observing market movements to enhance our offering. We have introduced some significant updates to our Gas and LNG Markets solutions, and here are some of the highlights designed to help your workflows.

Stay ahead of the gas markets with a complete overview of the global gas and LNG value chain.

Key products highlights 2023

Visualize market movements in a few clicks with our LNG Vessel Tracker map

We launched a new advanced and user-friendly LNG Vessel Tracker map linking spatial AIS data and supply-demand fundamentals. Users get to monitor in real-time their fleet or their competitors', assess ports qualification and see detailed analytics on trajectories and details of voyages and past voyages, vessel statistics, gas pipelines, trade flows, voyage costs and floating storage visualization.

Access a holistic view of the entire Gas & LNG markets value chain and stay ahead of the market

Earlier this year we decided to merge and enhance our analytics suite to cover in one powerful subscription, both short to long-term global gas and LNG markets outlook. Whether you are a trader or an analyst, you can now access actionable analysis, forecasts and news on the entire Gas & LNG markets value chain. This enhanced suite now comprises around 30 commentaries, 50 weekly notes, 11 monthly reports, 1 exclusive yearly report, 2 seasonal and 5 regional

Decode Canada and Mexico gas and LNG markets

We have improved our coverage providing insights and data on Canada and Mexico, including daily flows by pipeline for major US basins and coverage of US gas flows to/from Mexico and Canada, as well as historical coveralve of supply, demand, flows and sotrage for Canada and Mexico. Assess short-term monthly supply and demand dynamics in Canada and Mexico alongside trade flows, storage levels and weather at the sector, province or state level.

Our experts views

2023: State and predictions for the Gas and LNG Markets. Where we consider the market to be in a fundamental tightness over the next 3 years, what are the signposts to be looking for the rest of 2023? Read our special insight from our senior Gas and LNG markets experts

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More key products highlights

Analyze the Brazilian gas market: balances, deals, price modeling and more

With monthly data to 2030, our Brazilian gas market dashboard covers regional gas balances for Brazil and import countries, domestic gas production by company and asset detailed country gas flows by injection and consumer points. You can assess short-term and long-term balance forecast as well as and a transportation contracts database and intelligence.

Access short-term and mid-term view of the North America Gas Market

We added a user-friendly dashboard covering supply- demand balances infrastructure on the medium-term view to 2030, complementing our short-term North America Fundamentals dashboard.

Utilize our improved price forecast for Henry Hub and price differentials

We improved our price forecast for Henry Hub (daily, weekly, monthly), and added price differentials for Henry Hub-Waha and LNG East Asia-TTF. Traders and analysts can rely on our forecast through 2030 for strategy assessment of upcoming gas supply and demand expectations

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