Bespoke and customized advisory engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

Our services are truly bespoke

All our consultants are industry specialists who work solely with the energy industry, rather than generalists with a broad and shallow knowledge base.
We provide price intelligence, channeled through analytics, data and advisory services focusing on price inflation both within the energy supply chain and other industries. Our market views are channeled through thematic reports, detailed factsheets, a steady flow of commentaries and bottom-up databases that are updated weekly.

We deliver comprehensive analysis, data and advice, leveraging our assessment of service supply, demand and prices relating to all energy projects globally and in other industries.

What sets us apart from others

Specialized within energy but with capabilities to handle any strategy-related subject in the wider industrial domain, Rystad Energy Advisory works with industry stakeholders on challenges relating to strategy, market fundamentals and value chain development to help them make higher-quality decisions based on unique insights.



We work directly with key industry decision-makers, driving their decision making to reshape global energy industry value chains in a greener and more profitable direction



We provide objective, unbiased industry perspectives amid an increasingly polarized discourse on energy and climate change



We believe that people perform best in a strong social environment where curiosity, entrepreneurship and openness are the pillars of success

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Erik Holm Reiso

Senior Partner & Head of EMEA

Mari Vassdokken Sigstad

Project Manager

Lars Eirik Nicolaisen

Senior Partner & Deputy CEO

Astrid Valderhaug

Senior Consultant

Jan Byrkjeland

Senior Partner & Head of Consulting EMEA

Eric Hua

Senior Consultant

Ulrik Eriksen


Thomas Heerschap


Markus Nævestad

Partner Consulting

Jo Husebye

Partner & Head of Energy Systems Research

Jon Marsh Duesund

Partner Consulting

Simon Sjøthun

Partner Consulting & Head of London Office

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We are an independent advisory, research, and business intelligence company, equipping clients with data and insights that power better decision-making.

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