Cost Benchmarking Solution

Gain access to project cost benchmarking intelligence through analytics, data and advisory services focusing on the energy supply chain – both upstream and low carbon

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In a world of diverse project cost performance, it is critical to understand the range of project performances. All benchmarks are accompanied by dynamic statistical analyses to show P10, P50 and P90 outcomes.  

Our cost benchmarking views are channeled through thematic reports, detailed factsheets, a steady flow of commentaries and bottom-up databases that are updated monthly. 

How can this help you

Energy Companies

Analyze peer group and regional cost performance to:

  • Evaluate internal project cost performance against industry norms 

  • Identify internal cost savings opportunities by understanding detailed industry cost performance

  • Set cost expectations for new regions and new basins  


Understand client budget expectations to: 

  • Anchor tenders against actual cost performance for a given scope 

  • Benchmark your cost performance against peers for new clients

  • Understand potential new clients and how their cost performance compares against their peers


Evaluate E&P project cost performance to:

  • Identify areas for improvement within the existing company portfolio

  • Uncover potential new field or company acquisition targets based on performance 

  • Set realistic cost expectations for new regions and new basins 

How we deliver value

Understand and analyze project costs through an in-depth analysis of:

  • Field-level costs benchmark for offshore, onshore and LNG projects 
  • Potential suppliers and their market share, pricing power and backlog  
  • Cost benchmarks for reserves, production, surface facilities, subsea equipment, SURF lines, drilling & completions, and much more  

Stay up to date with the latest project cost performance trends in the energy supply chain with: 

  • Regular reports looking into regional benchmarks of development costs and production costs per barrel, shown by differing facility types over time  
  • Library of factsheets regularly updated and covering project details, operator spend, supplier revenues and regional market trends  

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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      Our approach

      We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.