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Build transparent cost estimates across traditional oil and gas, low carbon, and renewable energy project types

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Our solution offers access to project cost estimating insights through analytics, bespoke reports, and estimating modules focusing on driving transparency and informed decision-making through cost estimation of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects within the energy industry.  

Leveraging our extensive research of project cost drivers and outcomes, our estimating solutions cover projects ranging from traditional oil and gas (offshore production facilities, offshore decommissioning, offshore and onshore pipelines, conventional and shale wells), energy transition (carbon capture and storage), and renewable energy (offshore wind, onshore wind, and solar). 

Through the use of our DynamiX framework, users are able to model upcoming projects with custom design, execution, and cost bases to understand the impacts of decision-making during the project development process. 

Our Cost Estimating solution is now integrated with FutureOn's FieldTwin

Accelerate project deliveries and cost transparency in the early development phases of your project

Accurate cost estimates are crucial for successful project evaluation in offshore oil and gas. Rystad Energy's Cost Estimating Solution and FutureOn's FieldTwin are now integrated to offer a powerful combination of geospatial field development, dynamic visualization, and cost estimation. Get a clear view of project costs within a seamless workflow from appraisal through later project phases.

This integration is set to accelerate field development in offshore oil and gas by addressing current workflow inefficiencies, breaking down data silos, and facilitating parallel field concept and cost iteration.

Main features:

  • Seamless integration with concept development: share data in real-time, enabling up-to-date cost estimation directly from a FieldTwin project
  • Customizable P50 cost estimates: gain insights and export reports based on P50 cost estimates using custom design, execution, and cost bases
  • Inflation-linked forecasting: foecast inflationary impacts on project CAPEX, vital for financial planning and risk assessment

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How can this help you

Energy Companies

Drive transparent and effective decision-making and project development through:

  • Understanding P50 cost estimates for corporate planning

  • Forecasting cost impacts of inflation on project capex based on project schedule and Rystad forecasted market dynamics

  • Evaluating cost impacts of design and execution trade-offs during project development


Bolster tender opportunity evaluation and improve project planning and performance through:

  • Identifying gaps, supplementing, and comparing third-party views with internal cost estimates

  • Understanding regional cost drivers in order to plan and improve execution strategies

  • Identifying key areas for cost reduction and cost avoidance


Quickly determine the value of project portfolios by:

  • Modeling upcoming projects across upstream oil and gas, low carbon, and renewable sectors

  • Forecasting exposure to risks and opportunities in various aspects of project development for upcoming transactions

  • Comparing project capex, opex, and economic profiles of projects within potential investment opportunities

Make better decisions with Cost Estimating Solution across multiple energy types. Learn how below:

Relevant across energy types

Leveraging a detailed and fact-based history of analyzing project costs and price drivers globally, our traditional oil and gas estimating solution enhances E&Ps and service companies' ability to evaluate and deliver on their core projects through modeling tools and analytics ranging in coverage from offshore production facilities, decommissioning campaigns, onshore pipelines, offshore pipelines, conventional wells, and shale wells.
In a traditionally opaque sector of the energy industry from a cost perspective, our carbon capture storage and utilization estimating solution and analytics give E&Ps, suppliers, and investors involved in CCUS projects the tools and insights they need to plan for success.
How we deliver value

Make informed decisions with our cost estimating dashboards that enable you to:

  • Quickly develop transparent estimates to better rank opportunities 
  • Select optimal concepts and development strategies by analyzing capex, opex, economics and market risks 
  • Support engineering with real-time cost impacts from design decisions 

Gain timely and comprehensive insights into project cost and service price trends through: 

  • Cost Estimating handbook offering unique estimating factors by facility type for TIC, topsides weight and topsides costs, to be used for concept selection, benchmarking or Class 4 & Class 5 factored estimates  
  • Schedule Cost Optimization reports highlighting areas of risk and opportunity for project teams based on project schedules and Rystad's forecasts for inflation across the energy supply chain 

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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